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Godaddy sucks? A chance to try Namecheap for $3.99

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Need to move to a new domain registrar? For a limited time only (48 hours), move your .com/.org/.net/.info/.biz domains to for an amazingly low $3.99 and consolidate your domain portfolio with Namecheap. Just use coupon code below to get this special offer!
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Godaddy Scam

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What a big scam by Godaddy. Last week we paid more than $10 for a .COM domain. Today we found out that people are registering domain names for only $5.00 per .COM domain! Well, now when we looked at it from the bright side, we went and registered another .COM domain name. You should do the same too.

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Cheap Domain Reseller Offer

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Make money now

You know how people think they have made a great investment on the current GM stock IPO when there are less risky ways to make (or lose) money? We believe you can easily be better off by going on a real business venture, even by being a web domain registration reseller selling Godaddy products. Atleast you can proudly say you are in the business of domain names registration, instead of the owner of the once bankrupt GM.

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Which GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial Sucks

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$ sale at 336x280

It is the Super Bowl time again. It is time to vote which Godaddy ad is the best. Vote for your favorite ad. Is it the Baseball ad? We are sure you like the Shower Ad. While you are at it, you may want to make use of the domain registration discount or even get one of those cheap Godaddy web hosting plans.

Which commercial sucks? Find out during the big game and then watch. Voting ends January 23rd.

Bluehost VS Godaddy: The Clear Winner

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Need help deciding between Godaddy and Bluehost? Which is better when comparing Godaddy hosting vs They have their own benefits and special features. Both have their own loyal followers. Both are two of the best domain registration companies out there with millions of domains registered by them. All other reviews out there cannot help us at this point because both Bluehost web hosting and Godaddy are good in their own ways. You have read the other reviews. You know they are both the best in the web hosting industry. So how about letting the numbers decide? Forget about which is the best. Let us eliminate the worst between the two heavyweights.

How are we going to do that? Let us look at how many reviews said Bluehost Rocks and Bluehost Sucks, and how many customer experiences said Godaddy Sucks or Godaddy Rocks by looking at Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs). Now let us see our tie-breaker and very own Godaddy and Bluehost comparison rating.Continue reading Bluehost VS Godaddy: The Clear Winner

GoDaddy Sucks? Go Daddy or No Daddy?

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Godaddy ratingHeard about GoDaddy problems? Some say GoDaddy Hosting scams or GoDaddy hosting sucks? Did you read some issues, GoDaddy complaints and their bad customer experiences? Can these negative GoDaddy web hosting reviews be trusted? Heard some horror stories about their limitations? READ THIS REVIEW FIRST. You may be shocked at what we found out!

If you are considering to get a hosting account from GoDaddy, you may want to (or probably have tried to) search for the keywords “GoDaddy Sucks” on Google. However, the result may confuse you. Perhaps you have read tons of good stuff and rave reviews about thus far.

Did GoDaddy experiences and stories like below or made you think twice to signup with GoDaddy?

  • “…godaddy sends a TON of notices. i just had a domain expire and they send you a notice just about every 5 days for the last month…”
  • “The ultimate in trying to f*ck their customers…”
  • “I’ve never liked GoDaddy. They suck… hard. Anybody who uses them knows that there administration system is crappy…“

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EstDomains Closing Down – what you should do next

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Still Hosted at EstDomains? If you have not heard, is in big trouble. Their accreditation as registrar of domains is being terminated by ICANN. Your domain hosting is in jeopardy if you are still hosted there. You could be one of thousands of decent EstDomains customers who registered domains for legitimate use. No scams, spams or frauds. But the disaster will not show mercy to anybody.

Even if the manage to dodge this setback and keeps the accreditation, the damage has already been done and may not get any better soon. Read our previous prediction about EstDomain and our emotional ride recently when using their domain and DNS hosting services:

Here is more of what we are talking about in great details:

What should you do you ask? Should you change registrar or wait and see what happens next? If you are still asking questions like “How good is Estdomains?”, we have the absolute answer here. We think this is the absolute best time to jump ship before thing gets more complicated. We are moving our domains to one of the best domain registration companies;Dotster and GoDaddy because of their nice deals, transfer promo and coupons we found. If you haven’t found your new domain hosting provider, try these transfer promotion and coupon codes. You will save a bundle. Continue reading EstDomains Closing Down – what you should do next

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