Comments on: Coolhandle Sucks? Can They Handle Your Website? Searching for Web Hosts that Suck the Least Tue, 30 Jul 2013 17:14:39 +0000 hourly 1 By: Carrie Carrie Fri, 26 Oct 2012 00:44:29 +0000 Cool handle are not honest dealers. I bought their hosting changed my mind within their 30 day limit and they refused to refund my money. When Visa international contacted them they produced a some lengthy paperwork that indicated that they were not bound to give back my money though I NEVER used their service.! Unbelievable! What happened to making money honestly . I recommend Go daddy anyday. If you change your plans they give you prorated refunds and actually talk with you.

I believe what you reap you sow and cool handle is sowing a really bad harvest.


By: Nick Capalija Nick Capalija Thu, 07 Jun 2012 00:34:13 +0000 Coolhandle are crooks!!!

I cancel they service and didn’t get refund,

didn’t get any explanation why, I will not recommend

they crooked service to any body.

Unhappy customer,

Nick C.

By: best email hosting best email hosting Sun, 04 Dec 2011 10:06:47 +0000 Sorry to disappoint you but no web hosting company will allow their IPs to be blacklisted because of your mass mailing.

If you want to mass email to mailing lists, you should go with the mailing services like Awe ber. I have been using them for 3 years. They are worth the extra cost as you can easily manage subscribers and double opt-ins as required by the CAN-SPAM law. They also have autoresponders that will manage your automated follow ups so your customers will have top-of-the-mind-awareness of your website and brand. You also get to track the performance of your broadcast and newsletters in one place. Too many benefits to list here.

I would not say Coolhandle or Hostgator sucks because they are doing their job to protect their customers and servers from abusers.

By: Me Me Sat, 03 Dec 2011 18:40:16 +0000 Yes Coolhandle sucks big time happy to read this website after reading I contacted coolhandle to check about their service with phplist to see how many emails they allow to send per hour I say then that I will need to send at least 500 per a hour like hostgator .
here is they respond just to sell their service.

Thank you for your interest in our services. We allow you to send up to 550 per hour.

I tell then please send me the plolicy where say that
here is their respond

Do you have a specific need to send so many emails per hour? We strongly discourage you from purchasing our service if you plan on sending out unsolicited email.

Coolhandle really sucks thank you guys