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Reliable Web Hosting Providers

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According to our research, here are the best hosting services based on different categories that may be more specific to your needs. These are the typical types of hosting plans to consider:

  1. shared hosting (if you are new, get this type of hosting plan)
  2. reseller hosting (if you are a web designer, get this one)
  3. ecommerce hosting (if you plan to sell online, then this is the plan you need)
  4. dedicated hosting (if you are new, trust us you do not need this)

We recommend the web hosts below because they don’t suck (literally). We gave these hosts our best ratings because they have the least problems with customers, least “suck” pages on Google SERP, and least negative feedback from users on this site. Their plans and packages also get less money-back requests (from the money-back guarantee offered by them). Save your time. Get hosted and get on with your business today.

Web Host Best Plan Disk Bandwidth Discounts / Promotions

Hosting Stars
Best Business Host
Unlimited Unlimited Free domain name

Hosting Stars
Best Budget Host
$3.95 Unlimited Unlimited 40% OFF with coupon
Best Hosting
Best Agile Hosting
$5.50 10GB 600GB 60-day money back guarantee

Star hosting
Best Reseller Hosting
$24.95 24GB 250GB Try Shared Hosting

Most Trusted Hosting
$9.95 $8.95 Unlimited Unlimited Free Domain

Star Hosting
Best Unlimited Hosting
$88 per year
$66 per year
Unlimited Unlimited Special discount COUPON
Read our Fatcow review

Note: The above list is not presented in any order. You should select a web host based on your requirements and usage plan.

Who Else Wants Web Hosting from as low as $2.‌50/month?

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Have you been waiting to get a hosting plan but has been put down because of the cost?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner – which means big savings for you!

For starters, this host will be kicking off Black Friday weekend with a huge sale on their hosting services – available for as low as $2.‌50/mo ‌from ‌Friday, November 27‌th (12‌am MT) to Monday, November 30‌th (12‌am MT) 2015.

In addition to extreme discounts on their hosting packages, they’ll be offering mega-savings on many of their add-ons and bundles too. Keep an eye out for killer deals, such as only $29 for the Website Theme bundle (Friday through ‌Monday) and 50% off select domain extensions (Cyber Monday‌ only).

Click here to view this limited time offer.

iPage Sucks? Is this Hosting any Good?

7 Comments on iPage Sucks? Is this Hosting any Good?

Click here to find out why this web host receive this rating
Warning! Do not sign up with iPage before you read this page.

You know how so many people ended up with a bad web host and jeopardized their business because of that? If you came to this page, you probably have decided not to make the same mistake of choosing a web host that sucks. Based on our research, there is no such thing as the best web hosting and there is no perfect web host. iPage Hosting is no exception.Continue reading iPage Sucks? Is this Hosting any Good? Sucks?

5 Comments on Sucks?

You know how many business owners created their website without proper research and ended up with web hosting from hell! It is very important to review a web host and ensure that they don’t have too many negative feedbacks before you start building your website.

myhosting sucks

Thinking about choosing to take care of your website hosting needs? Here is what expert designers recommend you do first – read as many reviews as you can about MyHosting on the Internet!

You can do your due diligence for by searching for “myhosting sucks” or “myhosting complaints on Google. You can also try “myhosting bad“, “I hate myhosting“, “MyHosting sux” and other variation of misspells. In the beginning, when we did the above searches in 2009, there were no bad reviews about this host. Continue reading Sucks?

Get Domain Name at Godaddy, Use Hosting at Hostgator

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Godaddy sucks at hosting. You have registered your domain name and eager to launch your website or online business. Now what?

Do you know that it is not necessary to register a domain and get web hosting service at the same company?

According to many experienced web designers, having different accounts at different companies for domain registration and web hosting purposes is the most recommended thing you should do when you are planning to publish your website online. Having different accounts enables you to manage your domains and websites easily for you are focusing on one element in each of your account. Furthermore, it also gives you with the precaution you need if one of your account is at risk the other won’t get affected.
Continue reading Get Domain Name at Godaddy, Use Hosting at Hostgator

3 Steps to Build Your Own Online Travel Agency

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Whether you like it or not, you have to accept change. As time pass by, the internet connects people closer whatever their distance maybe. Majority of them uses computer, tablets and smartphones to check out some games, products, movies and so on. The question is when everyone is using the internet, do you want to be left behind using the old school methods? Definitely not. You need to make your online travel agency website as soon as possible.

It does not matter if you are a a newbie or a pro about travel agency when it comes to creating website. You want to have a travel agency website to feature your business or you will not have the edge in this industry. In this article, we will go over the some of the best WordPress themes for travel agency. You just need to pick a theme you like, get a hosting with a domain name, and you are a step away from creating your own website. You can have your website up and running in a day or less!

Here is a simple and clear step-by-step explanation on how you too can make your own stunning website (or blog). You can own a gorgeous website in just a few hours and at a price you can afford. Here are 3 steps to make before you can have your own website.

Continue reading 3 Steps to Build Your Own Online Travel Agency

Get Your Domain at Namecheap. Use Hosting at Hostgator

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So you have finally, registered your domain name at Namecheap, and ready to publish your site or online business. So what’s next after domain registration?

Namecheap sucks at web hosting. Many web designers have said that.

Are you aware that it’s not required to sign up for a domain registration and web hosting services at exact same company?

Based on our discussions with 27 web developers, getting separate accounts at distinct providers (for domain registration and web hosting) is considered the best way to safeguard your online assets (domain and website). Getting two different accounts for hosting and domain allows you to divide and control your domain names and web sites from separate locations. It provides you with with the safety in a case one where one account is compromised or hacked.

So what do we recommend for web hosting?

We recommend your try this web host first. Pay only $0.01 to try (limited time promotion).

Continue reading Get Your Domain at Namecheap. Use Hosting at Hostgator

Free Email Hosting Sucks

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Here are top two reasons why you should not be using free email service:

  1. They do not respect your privacy. How do you think Gmail knows which advertisement to show in your email? They read all your emails!
  2. Your business do not look professional when using a address. Many companies and individuals pay lesser attention to the emails they receive from free email addresses. These emails are easily be associated with spam. Due to this, there is a great possibility that companies and individuals you are sending emails to will miss very important emails sent to them. Therefore it is highly recommended that you have a personal email account in your own domain (Ex. It is also very affordable these days (see suggested hosting companies below).

gmail sucks

If you require personalized email or business email address, you can check out your domain availability right now to avoid disappointment.

Continue reading Free Email Hosting Sucks

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