Even The Best Hostings Suck Sometimes

Searching for Web Hosts that Suck the Least

Aug 22,2010

According to our research, here are the best hosting services based on different categories that may be more specific to your needs such as best reseller hosting, best cPanel hosting, best green hosting, best windows hosting, best ecommerce hosting, best online backup and much more. We recommend them because they don’t suck (literally). We gave these hosts our best ratings because they have the least problems with customers, least “suck” pages on Google SERP, and least negative feedback from users on this site. Their plans and packages also get less money-back requests from the money-back guarantee offered by these providers. Save your time. Get hosted and get on with your business today.

Web Host Best Plan Disk Bandwidth Discounts / Promotions

Hosting Stars
Best Business Host
Unlimited Unlimited Cheapest Plan at $3/month

Hosting Stars
Best cPanel Host
5GB 100GB $2.95 $5.95 with coupon + free domain

Hosting Stars
Fastest Growing Host
$7.95 Unlimited Unlimited Seasonal discounts

Hosting Stars
Best Budget Host

$1.99 Unlimited Unlimited Free domain
$15 OFF using coupon

Hosting Stars
Best Free Migration
$6.95 Unlimited Unlimited Free Domain Name
Click here for $25 OFF
Yahoo! Web Hosting

Most Trusted Hosting
$9.95 $7.46 Unlimited Unlimited Free Domain

Star hosting
Best Reseller Hosting

$24.95 24GB 250GB Try Shared Hosting
Best Hosting
Best Agile Hosting

$5.50 10GB 600GB 60-day money back guarantee

Best Affordable Hosting

Unlimited Unlimited $3.95 Promo Special

Star Hosting
Best Unlimited Hosting

$88 per year
$66 per year
Unlimited Unlimited Special discount COUPON
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Star Hosting
Best Online Backup
FREE Unlimited Unlimited Free trial

Note: The above list is not presented in any order. You should select a web host based on your requirements and usage plan.

Oct 3,2014

Popular Question:

I’d like to know what is the third or other best company that has PPC service for Ads publishers (not advertisers), that is not Google Adsense or Yahoo?

Selected Answer:

Try Bidvertiser. You get paid for every visitor that clicks on an ad, and an extra revenue if the click turns into conversion. Our goal is to enable you to make as much as possible from your advertising space, by letting advertisers bid on your ad space. They pay monthly, either by check, wire or instantly through PayPal with a minimum of only $10.

What is best PPC AD Service?

Oct 3,2014


I’m using .tk domain name in this reason Adsense wont approve .tk domains, I tried Adbrite, but it wont show ads, Clicksor the same. Which ad service do i use for my web site? is anyone can suggest good PPC Ad service ?

Our Answer: Based on your ppc service query above, we suggest you try get a better domain extension, i.e TLD. If Google does not like your site, then the other PPC programs might probably be the same. You can start at Hostgator for $0.01, which is almost nothing for the hosting. The domain name is also cheap if you pick the right registrar – the cheapest we found is Name.com.

Hostgator for a Penny

If you want a free hosting to learn create website online, then Hostgator is just perfect. Their shared plan comes with unlimited bandwidth, no limit on diskspace, unlimited domain hosting, easy Site Builder, FTP access and much more.

Hostgator Special Discounts

Hostgator lets us advertise a special coupon to our visitors. Check out the Hostgator coupon codes below. Test drive the quality of service by HG with the coupon below.

The coupons above expiring soon so hurry before it is too late.

Sep 11,2014

Frequently-asked question we always get::

Any person aware of any web hosting site which supports jsp’s and oracle as a back-end. Preferably that web hosting site should be based in India?


About your question, the location is not important if that is the case. You can have a web host located anywhere on the globe since you are targeting your market worldwide (.com or . org) so it not that necessary to have a web host located in your country but if you are targeting a market in your country like (.uk, .au) then it can be beneficial to get hosted with the web host in your country.

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Sep 11,2014

A frequently-asked query:

What is the best web hosting for java and flash apps? I want something cheap. I just started learning to build my website from scratch.

Expert Answer:

You can try Fatcow. For your information, Java and Flash depends on the browser your users or visitors are using. However, if it is JSP that you meant, there are a few in shared hosting that can support that. If you want something cheap and with all the features of premium hosting, Fatcow is best for you. Not only that they give 40% discount (use the link below), but they give all the functionality and perks that all of those big companies do.

At Fatcow, their hosting plan comes with a free domain name, which makes them really excellent for start ups and companies that want to expand their small businesses online. You can read this Fatcow review to have a look at how they provide their services, and how they give adequate customer support, and step by step tutorials to start with your website.

If you need unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domains and support on most of your used applications and software, Fatcow will fit for you. Why not try them first, because they have 30-day money back guarantee, and 24/7 customer support where you are be able to reach them whenever you have a problem.

Click here to get hosted with FatCow now

Sep 11,2014

A best tomcat hosting question:

I need a host that has
1. Tomcat
2. MySQL
3. Bulk FTP capabilities
4. Cheap web hosting

Space, email addresses and extra domain names not important. Tomcat & MySQL are essential.


I think that Tomcat is only supported on dedicated servers. They are not that accessible in shared hosting. But I can help you with that. We can recommend you a tomcat enabled web host and also one of the cheap web hosts that will help you get your website up in just minutes. No more hassle upon installing features needed because they have quick installations.

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Sep 11,2014

A common query:

I want to create a website but I don’t know how. Any help?

Answer: You are not alone. You know how many webmasters made the mistake of using free PHP hosting and ended up having their account banned because of the many limits set on the free accounts? The web hosting is one of the most important part of your web-based business and can mean the success and failure for your business.

Before we give you a definitive answer, these are seven features to look for in a good PHP web hosting. An excellent hosting:

  1. has friendly Live Chat from the start,
  2. gives unlimited storage,
  3. offers unlimited bandwidth,
  4. gives multiple add-on domains at no extra cost,
  5. has friendly Site Builder,
  6. has Fantastico and QuickInstall to quickly install PHP-based apps like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OSCommerce, ZenCart and more
  7. can be easily upgraded to VPS or a dedicated server for cheap, if and when your business require.

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Sep 11,2014

FAQ|free hosting sites Question about domain hosting reviews:

First and foremost, I don’t take care of the technical management of my Godaddy domains and hosting. Now, I am trying to educate myself on how to manage a few things on my own and I was made aware after talking to Godaddy Tech support that my hosting is up for renewal. For Canadian (more or less the same in U.S $) renewal, I will get: 150 GB Space | Unlimited Bandwidth • 500 Email Accounts2 • 25 MySQL Databases (1 GB each) • FREE Ad Credits: MySpace® and Google®† However, I’m not stupid and simple googling around indicates that Godaddy hosting is HORRIBLE. My question is, why is it so bad? Is a lot of money for what I’m getting in return? What about the domains I have with Godaddy? Is it worth the hassle to switch the domains over to the new hosting?

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Sep 11,2014

Some web owners are having confusion on creating contents for their blogs. Like the inquery of this fellow:

I want to be able to swear in my blogs. Will blogger.com allow that? Any other recommendations?

It is a fact that blogging is a common way to tell your feelings or thoughts through your blogs and share it with others. But will degree of profanity use affect your blogs especially it is hosted in free blogging sites? The simple answer is ‘Yes’.

Profanity refers to abusive, vulgar, or irreverent language according to thefreedictionary.com. Using extreme profanity phrase or words may somewhat violate the policies of your free hosting provider that may result in removing your blog. Aside from that it also affects your credibility as a writer. Here are some negative effects in using profanity on your blog:

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Sep 10,2014

So your travel tour website sucks, and you need a makeover.

Even if you are planning to create your own website to help people arrange, book and plan their travel, this guide may save you tons of money and lots of time. Even if you are just a travel blogger, the tips can be useful to you too.

You or someone you hired built a travel guide page or travel bureau website to showcase your extensive experience in world (or local) travel. The information on there is brilliant, and it should be the envy of the entire web community. Your exciting holiday plans were designed to bring in new clients, get you picked up on travel blogs, win the respect of your peers, prove to your ex-boss that you do have what it takes afterall, and impress your mom.

And yet your business still sucks. Today we’re going to tell you how to quickly build a dependable travel or tour website, without paying thousands to a web designer or web developers. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 30,2014

Namecheap sucks at hosting. Finally, you have registered your domain name and willing to publish your site or online business in 2014. So what’s next after domain registration?

Are you aware that it’s not required to sign up for a domain registration and web hosting services at exact same company?

Based on numerous knowledgeable web developers, getting various accounts at distinct providers for domain registration and web hosting reasons is regarded as the most advisable step you must do when you plan to post your site on the internet. Getting various accounts allows you to handle your domain names and web sites effortlessly, for you are concentrating on a single aspect in each of your account. Moreover, it also provides you with with the safety measure you would like if in case one of your account is compromised or hacked the other won’t get affected.

Know Namecheap and Hostgator

Namecheap is undoubtedly an ICANN-accredited best domain registrar and website hosting company, situated in Los Angeles, California. They’re saying to have more than 3 million domains under administration. Namecheap keeps a powerful anti-SOPA position. Following the pro-SOPA position of significant registrar GoDaddy triggered enormous demands the boycott of GoDaddy on Reddit, Namecheap declared Move Your Domain Day for December 29, 2011, providing a lower cost with the discount code “SOPASucks” and insisting that it will give away $1 from each domain transfer to it towards the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Check Domain Offers at Namecheap

HostGator, alternatively, is a well known website hosting company which has earned numerous positive reviews from its customers. It gives you limitless webspace, limitless bandwidth, a totally free Sitebuilder tool, a large number of free web themes, a user-friendly control panel, many different discounts as well as a 45 day money-back guarantee.

Try Hostgator for $0.01

In case you are a new comer to the field of the web and are considering creating your very first web site, then you’re probably searching for a trustworthy website hosting service which makes creating your own website a piece of cake. You most likely also don’t wish to spend lots of money, just in case things don’t work out just like you plan. In case you are new to the internet, you almost certainly also have no idea regardless of whether you can make the most of Namecheap’s low prices and HostGator’s services, or in case you will likely exclusively use one company both for domain registry and website hosting.

How to Point your Namecheap Domain to Hostgator’s Hosting Service

1. In the event that you don’t have a domain, register your domain now. You have to make your own Namecheap account. Register your domain. Namecheap will verify first if the domain name that you want to register is available or not. If the result is available, proceed to the checkout section, otherwise register another domain name. Use your newly registered domain name while signing up for a web hosting company if asked for a domain name.

View Current Domain Offers at Namecheap

2. Have a web hosting account. Buy a hosting plan at HostGator, which entails just filling out some forms supplying your name, address and payment information. You will receive a confirmation or welcome email when you completed the purchase. Save the email for future reference.

Try Hostgator for $0.01

3. Customize the nameservers of your domain name. Now that you have your domain name and web hosting account, it is time to customize the nameservers of your domain name to be pointing toy our web host. Follow the instructions below:

a. Log in to your Namecheap.com account.
b. Navigate to Manage Domains.
c. Simply click Domain Name Server Setup.
d. Click Specify Custom DNS Servers (Your Own DNS Servers).
e. Input the nameservers found in your HostGator welcome email.
f. Save Changes.

You may wait for about 24-48 hours of DNS propagation time that may your site and email won’t be available. Thus, you are assured today that your particular website is hosted at the best web hosting 2014 and domain at the best domain registrar 2014.

Tips: Use the Hostgator coupon 2013 to try HG for a penny.

Test Your Hosting IQ Which popular hosting can let you host your websites for free for 1-month, without annual prepayment, on their unlimited domains / bandwidth / storage plans?

a. Bluehost
b. Godaddy
c. Hostgator
d. Hostmonster

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