Even The Best Hostings Suck Sometimes

Searching for Web Hosts that Suck the Least

Aug 22,2010

According to our research, here are the best hosting services based on different categories that may be more specific to your needs such as best reseller hosting, best cPanel hosting, best green hosting, best windows hosting, best ecommerce hosting, best online backup and much more. We recommend them because they don’t suck (literally). We gave these hosts our best ratings because they have the least problems with customers, least “suck” pages on Google SERP, and least negative feedback from users on this site. Their plans and packages also get less money-back requests from the money-back guarantee offered by these providers. Save your time. Get hosted and get on with your business today.

Web Host Best Plan Disk Bandwidth Discounts / Promotions

Hosting Stars
Best Business Host
Unlimited Unlimited Cheapest Plan at $3/month

Hosting Stars
Best cPanel Host
5GB 100GB $2.95 $5.95 with coupon + free domain

Hosting Stars
Fastest Growing Host
$7.95 Unlimited Unlimited Seasonal discounts

Hosting Stars
Best Budget Host

$1.99 Unlimited Unlimited Free domain
$15 OFF using coupon

Hosting Stars
Best Free Migration
$6.95 Unlimited Unlimited Free Domain Name
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Yahoo! Web Hosting

Most Trusted Hosting
$9.95 $7.46 Unlimited Unlimited Free Domain

Star hosting
Best Reseller Hosting

$24.95 24GB 250GB Try Shared Hosting
Best Hosting
Best Agile Hosting

$5.50 10GB 600GB 60-day money back guarantee

Best Affordable Hosting

Unlimited Unlimited $3.95 Promo Special

Star Hosting
Best Unlimited Hosting

$88 per year
$66 per year
Unlimited Unlimited Special discount COUPON
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Star Hosting
Best Online Backup
FREE Unlimited Unlimited Free trial

Note: The above list is not presented in any order. You should select a web host based on your requirements and usage plan.

Free Email Hosting Sucks

Nov 10,2014

Here are top two reasons why you should not be using free email service:

  1. They do not respect your privacy. How do you think Gmail knows which advertisement to show in your email? They read all your emails!
  2. Your business do not look professional when using a your.name@GMAIL.com address. Many companies and individuals pay lesser attention to the emails they receive from free email addresses. These emails are easily be associated with spam. Due to this, there is a great possibility that companies and individuals you are sending emails to will miss very important emails sent to them. Therefore it is highly recommended that you have a personal email account in your own domain (Ex. yourname@yourdomain.com). It is also very affordable these days (see suggested hosting companies below).

gmail sucks

If you require personalized email or business email address, you can check out your domain availability right now to avoid disappointment.

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Nov 6,2014

Question about multiple domain: Please explain the purpose of having multiple domain names for the same site?

Answer: Some uses multiple domain names for the same site to improve search engine rankings and have multiple entry points to their site. Protection can also be the reason. Like if your site named is “xyz”, you might also want to purchase “xyzsucks” and “ihatexyz”. Another one is typos, since sometimes, it’s unavoidable that people misspell things and your domain name is no exception.

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Nov 6,2014

Are you wondering if it is possible to have more than one separate websites, with different designs and addressed on their own unique domains but hosted on the same hosting account? The answer is an absolute yes with the right hosting plan.

Other than the above reason, you may have bought multiple domains at maximum discounts or you need to host multiple TLDs (.com, .net, .org, .co.uk etc.) of your business name, you will need to get a multi-domain hosting. Here are the web hosting services that we recommend for hosting multiple domains, websites, and designs on the same shared account. We guarantee if you choose one of them, you will be able to generate website upon website like crazy at no extra cost.

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Nov 6,2014

Here is a common question about web hosting:

I’m looking for the best domain hosting in Pakistan. Any suggestions?

Web hosting in developing countries

It’s really difficult to find the right domain hosting for your small business. This one decision may determine the success or failure for your online venture.  Many professional web designers have said, in terms of hosting, server location is not important as long as they meet your hosting requirements.

Typical Misconception By Most Site Owners

A few site owners  in the developing countries like India and Pakistan thought that they need a specific web hosting company located in Pakistan to host their websites. The fact is you can get a cheaper web hosting service located anywhere around the globe as long as it can meet your web hosting requirements and host your website with reliability, have good reputation, and have responsive customer support.

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Nov 6,2014

Here is a common web hosting service question:

I already have domain name and email addresses reserved; what then would be the best free web hosting provider?

I do have doubts about free hosting, but do you have any experience using them? Are they really that bad? If so, what is a good hosting that I can try before I buy?


It’s very crucial to pick a the best website host earlier on. Do not waste your time with free hosting because it is a hassle to move a website from Weebly, Yola or Blogspot.

Mistakes With Free Hosting

Some people prefer free hosting to start with free hosting. Free hosting services provide an allocated amount of webspace and bandwidth, and quite a few providers provides free templates and a built-in site builder. You can mapped your own domains with free hosting sites but some of them ask for a domain mapping charge or require you to have a premium account. Nevertheless, free hosting only offers limited hosting features like email hosting features and full php and mysql database support which is not when you need complete hosting features.

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Oct 28,2014

You know how many new websites are launched every day? Did you know that title of your press release or announcement is the first thing a journalist will see?

Here are 7 common mistakes when creating titles or headlines for a press release:

  1. Title that is not concise
  2. Title that is not enticing enough
  3. Title that does not gives a good overview of your story
  4. Title that will not encourage the journalist to keep reading
  5. Lengthy, detailed titles that go on and on and on…
  6. Title that uses puns, but not witty
  7. Title that is using clichés

Grabbing attention of readers to read and view our website can be a daunting task. The website launching announcement itself has a large indirect influence on the outcome of a successful website launch plan.

There are many different aspects of an announcement needed to be optimized in order for one to reach its maximum traffic generating potential. The higher traffic from your announcement, the higher traffic to your website or product. So what’s the first part of an announcement you should focus on? The title!

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Oct 28,2014

FAQ|cheap domain hostA common query:

Many people build website for their business, services and products. But can anyone build website to earn through it? Can you make money some other way. Guide me the full steps and tell me the minimum investment for starting a good website which can generate some earning or income.

Answer|cheap domain hostExpert Answer: You are not alone. Many people are wondering if it is even possible to make money on the Internet or from a website.

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Oct 28,2014

So your website-making skill sucks? You want to learn to make money by making websites and web applications? You can start now with these proven methods.

How to Improve Your Web Design Skill

  1. Continuous Learning – learn by doing. Register own domain. Have a web hosting of your own. Do not rely on the free hosting because you cannot learn the whole process of web development including changing DNS settings, uploading files, using FTP, and much more. Build your own website from ground up – not just use those templates from Blogspot. We highly recommend Namecheap for registering your domain, and Hostgator as web hosting.
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Oct 3,2014

Popular Question:

I’d like to know what is the third or other best company that has PPC service for Ads publishers (not advertisers), that is not Google Adsense or Yahoo?

Selected Answer:

Try Bidvertiser. You get paid for every visitor that clicks on an ad, and an extra revenue if the click turns into conversion. Our goal is to enable you to make as much as possible from your advertising space, by letting advertisers bid on your ad space. They pay monthly, either by check, wire or instantly through PayPal with a minimum of only $10.

What is best PPC AD Service?

Oct 3,2014


I’m using .tk domain name in this reason Adsense wont approve .tk domains, I tried Adbrite, but it wont show ads, Clicksor the same. Which ad service do i use for my web site? is anyone can suggest good PPC Ad service ?

Our Answer: Based on your ppc service query above, we suggest you try get a better domain extension, i.e TLD. If Google does not like your site, then the other PPC programs might probably be the same. You can start at Hostgator for $0.01, which is almost nothing for the hosting. The domain name is also cheap if you pick the right registrar – the cheapest we found is Namecheap.com.

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