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Hosting24 Any Good? What is a Better Alternative?

49 Comments on Hosting24 Any Good? What is a Better Alternative?

When you are contemplating a hosting company, it is important to review them and ensure that they don’t have too many negative feedbacks. You can check a hosting company for poor reviews by searching for “Hosting Company X Sucks” in,, or your favorite search engine and looking over the results that appear. Following this line of advice, we searched “hosting 24 sucks“, “hosting 24 complaints“, “hosts24 sucks“, “hosting24 sux“, “host24 sucks” as well as variations that include possibly misspelled reviews, such as “host24 sux” and “hosting 24 sux.”

While our research results revealed that Hosting24 isn’t the worst company, we have received a lot of poor reviews in the comments section of this post. Because of this, we suggest that you consider going with a different host.

So if you ask us how good is Hosting 24 web hosting, our answer is that you might want to try an alternative hosting at InMotion and take 20% off too.

In addition, Hosting24 is also related to the company 000webhost that provides free hosting service. If you follow the same methodology as above to see what others have said about, you will be more shocked. We can hardly find any positive review. Yes it is a free hosting, but you do not see so many complaints with Weebly do you? complaints aside, Hosting24 is the money-making arm of this company so it should be better than 000webhost.


The advertised price of $4.84 on their front page is actually for a 3-year advanced payment. Would you risk your hard-earned money paying $174.24 for a service so far in advanced? If you want to pay on month-by-month basis, the cost will then be $7.84/month, which is not too much cheaper than the alternative hosts we recommend here such as Host Gator.

Our Verdict: Recommends An Alternative WebHost

Try An Alternative Hosting Instead

Because Hosting24 has received so much negative feedback on this post, we’re recommending that you go with InMotion Hosting instead if you want a hosting for a business. They are not the cheapest but you get what you pay for. They have 90-day money back guarantee which is the longest in the industry. Use the link below to get exclusive 20% discount. You will not get this discount if you go direct to

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Another host worth mentioning is Hostgator. They are great for personal or hobby website. Hostgator’s pricing packages start at $3.96-per-month, which is about $4 cheaper than Hosting24, and you’ll be receiving an account with superior support that’s ready for both eCommerce and cPanel. Other benefits include unlimited disk space and bandwidth, a shared SSL certificate, and access to Easy Site Builder, which helps you create websites easily in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) designer. promises a 99.9% uptime, so you never have to worry about your website going down, which could cost you in both lost revenue and visitors. Use coupon codes below to save even more at HG.

Try for a penny: WEBSITELAUNCH

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Want to give a tour before paying? You can try it for free using the coupon code above. Once the free trial is over, you can either sign up for a monthly hosting package, or you can cancel without any obligation. Based on our eight years of experience being hosted by, we feel you’ll be more than satisfied with your choice.

Get the alternative hosting account from $3/month at inMotion Hosting or from Hostgator.


scam bussiness from

this is the worst hosting company ever, do not use them. they keep suspending my website with no reason, saying i spam, but i use constant contact and only add registered users to my email list. They have no phone number on their website and their chat service is rude. go elsewhere PLEASE works well. With a 99% uptime and web support that gets back to you within 10-60 mins with helpful answers.

I like them so much that I bought a reseller account from them and now have really nice WHM abilities.

I use Joomla mostly as my CMS and sell space to my clients that I design Joomla sites for.

No web host can offer 100% uptime. Just not possible to maintain the entire internet all by yourself to be able to claim %100 uptime.

Yes they have been offline a few times but not for very long, a few hours at most.

They use a large multi site datacenter to host the web servers in so they have to work with the techs there if something fails at the datacenter.

What webhost24 has control over is the web site look and the effectiveness of the site. The free site works really well and provisions sites quickly.

It does its job of getting leads for hosting24, thats how I found them and I am a perfect example of the kind of customer they want.

I buy what they sell, follow the rules and promote them.

If you want your host to work you have to support them.

Michael Scott McGinn

Some more information about hosting24.

Some things that I hope they work into the offerings…

Support for the InnoDB mysql engine – I have some Joomla Scripts that I would want to run but they need the InnoDB Engine and not the MyISAM engine.

Support for fproc() function- same reason some of my scripts will not work with out it.

They say that the InnoDB Engin is not as fault resistant as MyISAM so they do not offer it and the fproc() php function is a security risk to allow.

So if you need these functions to work you need to buy your own rack server that you can have root access to, then it is your responsibility to support it.

Another service I wish they had for the reseller accounts is a auto provisioning and billing script that a visitor could selfprovision a cpanel account with. They do not offer one so you have to manually provision the cpanel accounts using the WHM interface.

But for the price they offer it at it is still far below the alternatives to get the same levels of space and support the do offer.

Michael Scott McGinn

BEWARE of hosting24 – they will steal and destroy your data
So, the features they advertise do look pretty good, but for your own sakes DO NOT FALL FOR IT. This “service” is a DISASTER from beginning to end, it is simply unbelievable that a “service” of this quality and this much contempt and disrespect to the customers is still around.

First of all, you’ll be lucky if your uptime is 60%. Yes, half of the time you or your users try to access the site, it is down. Disks fail, servers shut down … and on, and on and on … The other half of the time, it is up, but you have to be REALLY patient to get the page loaded, it is so slow, I sometimes think they are just typing the content in by hand as it is loading. I was running a standard BB engine there, nothing fancy.

You think this is all? Oh, no, just wait, this is only the beginning. So, if you get some kind of traffic coming in (and I mean just SOME traffic – maybe, 100 hits per DAY, nowhere near real traffic), their puny servers start to collapse, and come down to a CRAWL. And then (get this!), they blame YOU for your db queries being “slow”! My 12 year old PC runs these same queries in milliseconds (not tens of milliseconds, single digits).

So, they let you run this parody on a website for a while, and accumulate enough users, and user-contributed data, they just … shut it down! Yes, without any kind of a warning or anything, in the middle of the day, the site just disappears, and all your users start getting redirected to some stupid and irrelevant upsell page for the webhosting, instead of the site they were looking for, without explanation or any message whatsoever. And they won’t tell you about it. You’ll have to wait til one of the users thinks about notifying you to find out your site is gone.

Naturally, when this happens, you login to your account to see what is going on … and that’s when you find out that your “slow queries” violated their TOS. Needles to say, there is nothing in TOS about “slowness” of your “queries”, I mean, one would have to be a complete idiot to put something like that in their TOS (“our servers are way too weak to sustain anything remotely resembling a database, you are better off hosting it on your damn laptop”).

Anyway, so, what do you do now? I suppose, write them a polite letter where you apologize sincerely for inadvertedly straining their “servers” with your “slow queries”, promise, that it will never happen again, and humby point out, that there is actually nothing in the TOS speaking to the effect of the speed of the db queries, and thus technically you are not even in violation.

At this point, you are, probably, not even interested in reinstating your account anymore. I for one, had enough of this “service” by now. It’s nothing but trouble, problems all around. NOTHING works as advertised … So, I don’t even ask them to reactivate the account, just give me my data back, simple enough, isn’t it? Let me download the content of the database, and I’ll be out of your hair. Simple enough, isn’t it?

Well … that’s where the most interesting part begins! The response I got from their “support” person, states that:
accounts that they THINK are in violation of something, are cancelled immediately
Once the account is cancelled, all data pertaining to it is DESTROYED, not just on the server disks, but even in the backups, and there is absolutely no way to recover it.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I found this “policy” absolutely EYE POPPING. Not only, they shut you down whenever they fell like it, but they will allso INTENTIONALLY and WILLFULLY DESTROY ALL OF THE CUSTOMER’S DATA. Not because of some catastrophic failure or an act of sabotage, but AS A MATTER OF POLICY.
“Hosting service”, destroying their customer’s data on purpose? That’s a new one …

I just could not believe my eyes when I read their reply. I figured, there must be something I am missing, misunderstood, it just cannot be true. So, I write back, and ask for a clarification. Here is the exact reply I got back from their “suport”:


Your account is gone. Nothing can be recovered. All backups are removed. Any or all data is gone. I don’t see why you are nit picking at everything.

Damien | I hate signatures

Now THIS left me speechless. Just WOW.

Perhaps you are thinking something along the lines of “well, this will never happen to me, because I always make backups”. Think again! If you have more then 10M of data, the db backups won’t work with this hoster either. They crash in the middle of the download. I tried many times and not once was able to download successfully. And when I asked “support” about it, I got a reply to the effect that “yeah, we know, it does not work”.

Well, enough said. I hope, I was clear enough to persuade you to stay as far away from this “service” or from any other “service” ran by these fraudsters for your own sake.
There are plenty of hosting choices around the net, and this one is BY FAR THE WORST ONE!

Oh, and I don’t know about sucking, but try googling “hosting24 scam” or “000webhost scam” (000webhsot is their other name – any con artist is bound to have at least two) or “hosting24 fraud” or any combination thereof, and I guarantee you that you will find A LOT of VERY interesting reading!

sandy, just because you don’t like hosting24, doesn’t mean you have to make up lies and get yourself all worked up. i read your whole post, and i just had to laugh. everything you said is false, and quite funny that your acting like a 5 year old about a single web host. i own a corporation, and have been with hosting24 for a year now. when i have a problem, they fix it right away. the longest i’ve had to wait for an answer in support chat is almost 1 minute. they are polite, caring and generous.
when i can’t afford my hosting bill, they will extend my time by 2 weeks to be able to pay the bill. they do have 99% uptime and my websites load so fast i don’t have time to hit the stop button before they load. everything works fine, i get no errors and if i do for some odd reason, i let them know, they fix it, and i am on my way in less than 5 minutes.
i don’t see why you want to lie about this company. they haven’t done anything to you, and you just act like an immature bitch. and that is a compliment.

I second what James says.
Hosting24 is a very good company in my opinion, and The most time my site was ever down for three minutes. I once had payment issues and they kept my site for about 2-3 weeks without payment when their policy states they will only keep it online for 6 days. They always respond promptly when I file a support request, and they were very quick at changing some sub-domains nameservers for me.

Overall, I have had a very good experience with hosting24 :).

This is actually true, I have posted NUMEROUS tickets to Hosting24, and no reply? Not to mention the TERRIBLE hosting, tried to install a 10Mb SQL query, and it crashed the database. I have a max of about 120 different networks trafficking through my site daily, and it would crash at least three times a day. THREE, you’re probably thinking, that’s nothing. But when you rely on this service as to gain funds for say a small business or community, contributors cannot even load the damn site, and after numerous tries the site would crash without warning.

Unfortunately, they up time is quite low, when i complained about it i got a free month (actually moth – “We will also add you a moth for free hosting for this issue.”) but i never actually saw the “free” they just charged on and on.
Their chat response is pretty bad (i’m at 16 min right now on their chat and i haven’t got a straight answer).
So no, i DON’T recommend it. If someone can suggest i way to move all my site & domain i would move it in a heart beat.

If there are few complaints, it may be because Hosting 24 makes it so difficult to fight back the all-powerful “sales manager” Mindaugas L., who hides behind the Internet with his snarky comments and refuses to address any illegal activity on their part. Please see

I wonder about the great rating because


Here is the answer from Hosting24 support:

Hello Thomas
Unfortunately yes, none of the reseller clients
can have SSH enabled.

Helpdesk Staff

Business Enterprise Hosting Media

Of course, this is contradict to their own description on
the 1st Page. In the FAQ, there is also a note about blocked
ssh access.

Updating Websites without ssh is grossly negligent in these days. Good luck!

I have been working with hosting24 since last summer and, except for the fact that pages load rather slowly which I attribute to my being far from the servers, I find their services and respect for the customers quite satisfactory. When I have a problem they do care about it and their answers are always polite and quick. The most important reason for me to prefer this company is RV site builder and the cheap prices.

I’ve been quite satisfied with Hosting24 during my 14 months with them so far. They’re not perfect by any means, but they’re a relatively new host and they’ve improved even further since they celebrated their 1st birthday.

The poorest feature is that they can take up to 24 hours to reply to support tickets, although sometimes it can be within a few minutes, especially if it’s more urgent. They have been very reliable however with only a few technical problems that were sorted out quickly. They have also been helpful when I’ve needed advice. There was one incident where an organisation wrongfully complained to Hosting24 about my blogging site because of a legitimate review with my personal opinion of the organisation which even came with a legal disclaimer stating this fact. Hosting24 passed the complaint on to myself and asked me to remove the article in question to avoid further problems as they didn’t want legal action against themselves which the organisation threatened, it was very annoying as I wanted to stand up against the company in question as it was an honest review in a country with freedom of speech, but I understood their position that they didn’t want to risk legal action against themselves.

Their live chat feature never used to be on-line most of the time which was a bit annoying when it was advertised as being available, but more recently it’s been available when-ever I’ve needed to use it.

The features provided are very good and I’ve hosted more than one website with their Gold package along with a few SQL databases without any problems what-so-ever. The speed is also decent and I’ve got no complaints here.

Like many Hosts, they state they provide “unlimited” storage and bandwidth, but obviously if one tried to upload a website the size of YouTube, they would have a massive problem. Yes, there’s a fair usage policy with all “unlimited” hosts like Hosting24, but they certainly allow over 15GB of storage without any problem as they used this as an example customer, stating that they could continue to operate even if loads of customers decided to have over 15GB of storage too.

Incidentally, when reading reviews, if you see a link to a hosting24 affiliate link or a coupon code to get $2 off a month, then the review might be biased as they’re paid to promote Hosting24. I am a hosting24 affiliate, but I won’t post my affiliate link or coupon code here so people see that my review is 100% honest.

If you want good hosting do what I did and go with Hostgator. I had Hosting24 for under 3 months, when I finally said screw this. Timeouts ALL the time, wordpress malfunctions because of their server settings, and poor customer service. When I went to ask for what I paid minus what it would have cost for 3 monthly payments, they said they do not do any refunds after 30 days AT ALL.


The first week of February 2011 Hosting24 sent an email mentioning an upgrade to server 16. They promised minimal disruption to existing clients and sites. I discovered they had discontinued FrontPage server extention support on the new server and anyone using FrontPage for site updates was out of luck. Microsoft has stated they will support the now discontinued FrontPage product until 2014.
Hosting24 continues to advertise support for FrontPage even though they no longer do. When I brought this to their attention they laughed at me. Very unprofessional behavior in the customer support and sales areas of this company.

Dear people,

I have suffered a lot from hosting24; NEVER go with them.
Although they have treat you politely and reply you asap, their reply doesn’t contain the answer of your questions, they have lack of hosting knowledge.

I have to wait another 5 month before changing their service, because I’ve paid their Golden plan, but it is golden plated plan for me.
I’ve been with them for more than one year, after a Lithuanian (I’m from Belarus) friend’s suggestion, for some period I didn’t have an active website; when my website is getting famous and get more visitors, the problem begun, each time I got some trouble from them,
they gave inappropriate reason for that. Can’t chmod as all of my files owned by them, not under my account name, after 6 months’ conversation they’ve changed it yesterday, but today another error…
I’m seeking a good webhosting. I have 6 websites, among of which two are most important to me, it is related to higher studies.
any suggestions for a number one cpanel multiple sites hosting ?


I am a hosting24 reseller. They are an OK entry level reseller but not that great.

As a reseller, you can’t buy extra IPs and therefore can’t run SSL on clients accounts. The language barrier or lack of training very frustrating. I now run a reseller with h24 and another carrier but will be transferring my reseller over to the new carrier in the near future. Which is a shame, cause I am lazy and it will take some effort. is a disaster from beginning to end. So far they have cost me two regular clients and I am in the process of legal action now (I have requested legal details but they will not send them to me – frightened of something?). Why? well, not enough space here to explain all, but I have had contact with them every month for 18 months now. the sites go down at least once a week guaranteed, but unless you are developing live you might not notice. I do, so I notice it all the time. Then there were several problems with SSL certificates. Lately I tried to install an SSL for a domain of mine, only to find out my IP which was supposed to be exclusive (I paid extra for a dedicated IP with their Gold account) so I could not install after paying for a certificate. Then they tell me that they do not offer dedicated IP packages!! In all honesty, they are easily the worst hosting company I have used in 11 years of web work, and that includes free hosting. Very quiet and simple sites might not notice the many outages – both HTTP and email – but if you are looking for serious hosting without a service team that sidesteps your questions, then please consider someone else. I give then 4 out of 10 tops. At least they get back to you with convoluted excuses within an hour!

In one word – amateurs.

THE WORST hosting I’ve ever had. Been with them for 2 months and have had random connection timeouts, SQL errors, etc… My users are complaining of pages loading slow. And now, my site has been down 30 minutes. I’m already in the process of moving to another host.


Stay away from them if you have a website that has any decent amount of traffic!

All is well when your visitor count is low and starting out. But when you get a few thousand visits a day their service degrades completely. They start suspending your website without any notice!!!!!

I am a software developer and server administrator, the site I put up was developed for a shared environment with the most basic queries all executing < 500ms. The monitoring solution they use is inaccurate as if someone else is bottle necking the database all queries behind them will be stuck in line therefore passing 10's in wait order. They will start suspended innocent accounts when they match this statistic up to the amount of users visiting your site. As you can see, its quite unfair and leaves many of your site users angry.

I've migrated to a new dedicated server with 1and1 for the past 2 weeks have everything moved to my dedicated server, except the domain name. My domain name points to my new server via MX entries, but the funny thing is I've gone into my hosting24 account to see that its been suspended yet again! I question them as there is absolutely NO activity on my account because everything's on my new server. There response summed up "We don't make mistakes, good luck.."

I've been in this field for 10 years and I've never seen such rude and obnoxious responses from customer service. I told them to check their logs and see that my story checks out… still I guess some people can't accept being wrong..

My Conclusion: AVOID AT ALL COST!

I have a Gold reseller plan, but my site is constantly down. When I am at meeting with my clients I have to pray for my site to load.

Most of the times I get an error message reading ‘Firefox can’t connect with the server’ or something of the like.

I have had a ticket open since April 2011, I get one-liners as cusomer support which leads to no solutions. I am looking for new horing provider.

I definitively do not recommend it, even though the scrips selfinstallation software was what made me buy their service.


Well , I have just had a run in with hosting 24 been with them for around 7 months and untill today I thought they were ok , the account was suspended for reason : spamvertising .

so i queried this ‘spamvertising’ and recieved some strange replys in the customer serveice side of the compant , i then got bat anbd balled around untill finally i recived a reply saying they would unsuspend my account as long as they could remove ‘unwanted content’ i immediately thought what is the ‘unwanted content’ however agreed for them to delete it , i recieved no reply but the next time i tried to view my website the whole thing had been deleted , i was amazed at how they blackmailed me to remove the suspension ( btw the suspension was totally unfounded and no illegal content or anything remotely ‘unwanted’ was on the site it was a forum and some youtube videos.

anyway enough talk , i strongly advise not to go with hosting 24 , they have total disregard for their customers and do what they want when they please. other better hosts are out there , look for them.

I decided to get away from hosting24 because I think it’s poor service.
I have a reseller account and one of the hosted websites is a forum that already performs poorly with few users, slow queries, no accessibility errors, slow loading pages. The service technician said that there are no problems even if I sent the printscreen. In the forum you even started a thread on the slowness and problems on the forum.The emails are blocked because the various boxsecured have a poor reputation and have to use other services and their technical service tells me to use google mail. Absurd.
I asked to move my account on a server under load and the answer is that the reseller account can not do. I asked to find any solution to make things work, but they say that everything is okay.
And then I decided to leave.


No way to contact this company. It says you can request your message to be forwarded to the owner but the “Customer Support Team” won’t allow that.

Every time I try to use their “24/7” live support which is available sometimes… my blood pressure goes through the roof.

They fail to answer your question then disappear in the middle of the conversation for 30 minutes + — sometimes you wait in Q and when it’s your turn you ask your question and they NEVER answer you.

I’ve waited hours…

I’ve tried being nice… I’ve tried cussing them out… One time I requested info on canceling my account and they answered my question to change my mind. Then the guy was really nice.

Then I’ve asked them 1000 times to give me a rundown on how to use a certain “CGI” feature and the 1st response was “it has been my pleasure to help you, thank you” and that was it…

The 2nd time I followed up on that I threw in some angry complaints and they addressed the complaints.

Then I responded reminding them to answer the initial question and I threw in a comment about how they should offer telephone support because I’ve asked several times without an answer on their “help desk” and some “volunteer staff” said “We don’t offer telephone support. You can just fill out a ticket at the help desk. -Volunteer Staff” — So now I know they’re being smart with me.

They’re a bunch of worthless cunts.


No way to contact this company. It says you can request your message to be forwarded to the owner but the “Customer Support Team” won’t allow that.

Every time I try to use their “24/7″ live support which is available sometimes… my blood pressure goes through the roof.

They fail to answer your question then disappear in the middle of the conversation for 30 minutes + — sometimes you wait in Q and when it’s your turn you ask your question and they NEVER answer you.

I’ve waited hours…

I’ve tried being nice… I’ve tried cussing them out… One time I requested info on canceling my account and they answered my question to change my mind. Then the guy was really nice.

Then I’ve asked them 1000 times to give me a rundown on how to use a certain “CGI” feature and the 1st response was “it has been my pleasure to help you, thank you” and that was it…

The 2nd time I followed up on that I threw in some angry complaints and they addressed the complaints.

Then I responded reminding them to answer the initial question and I threw in a comment about how they should offer telephone support because I’ve asked several times without an answer on their “help desk” and some “volunteer staff” said “We don’t offer telephone support. You can just fill out a ticket at the help desk. -Volunteer Staff” — So now I know they’re being smart with me.

their speed is awfull, frequent disconnects, service is ok but all in all the site is offline too much the speeds are to slow and you can’t send emails, or it least they have a miximum of 10 per minute, instead of the usual 500 / hour. basically this means if u get 11 subscribers in one minute your entire site will go down, i wish i never did hosting with them, now i need to move everything to a new host :C

I am having a free web site on their server for over a year,
actually works as mirror site.

Even if I do not have complains about the service, today that I am looking for payed service, this faceless style of cooperation,
it does discourage me about making a 36 months plan with them.

36 months plan ?
with out a name or a face or a telephone number ?

I am a positive man, I could even overlook the high ping time response, that extends the upload time Europe-USA.
But no, I think that I will have to trust an european server as web-host.

I’m a highly competent server admin who helped a friend with a website at I’ve 8 years of experience managing servers dealing with small and large infrastructures.

The site was down most of the time, and was indeed down for more than 99.9% of the time (Pingdom logging showed a 90% uptime for only a week atm). My team and I debugged the issue because Hosting24 provided SSH and pin pointed the problem for Hosting24, provided the data in the ticket and how to resolve it, a week later they have yet to solve it, the site/server still goes down sporadically. Because the site is constantly up and down, apparently when their support checks the site, it’s up so they don’t do anything else other than to provide a template reply saying: “Do you still get this problem? Because I have just checked your website and it works fine.”. These people who work a hosting24 are idiots! As a professional I’m ashamed people with little competence works for such a company and ruin the trust of the industry’s customers.

Hosting 24 has to be the worst company I have ever dealt with… Their tech support does nothing except switch the server I am on to resolve any issues I have had, then when the issues are still there they try to blame it on the DNS…

Their customer service skills are lacking severely… I paid for a service!!! I am a customer!!! Never call me retarded especially when I am fixing issues that the incompetent staff caused then blamed it on the DNS.

Total downtime in two months is well over 30 hours…

My recommendation… STAY AWAY FROM HOSTING 24 AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!

All I can say is go somewhere else I have been using hosting24 for over a year and up till now I have just had the usual complaints slow page loading too much down time etc.

That was till today when I checked my email they had left a little surprise saying they had suspended my account due to excessive CPU use after which I contacted their help desk and they sent a reply suggesting ways to fix the problem but as I have 5 sites I asked if they could narrow it down they said not possible. I then said If I put a site offline was there a way to see if the CPU usage would go down this time after 4 hours no reply at all.

Anyway this is when the fun starts I thought I would delete a few data bases I know longer use” big mistake ” sure enough I delete the wrong one. So I ask them if they can restore from a previous backup I will now show you the resulting messages.

Hello Peter,
We can restore your latest backup (we perform weekly backups on weekends), but it will restore all old (generated last weekend) files, databases, emails, etc. Can we proceed?

Contact us for a consultation or with any additional questions you may have.

Best Wishes,
Simon P.
Help Desk Staff

Business Enterprise Hosting Media

From me
Yes please proceed.

Could you also please tell me where in Cpanel I can look to see if changes I make affect CPU use as per previous message.

Thx in advance Peter

Again from me 4 hours later

Hi if been waiting for my account to be restored as per your previous message, but I am getting worried that if it isn’t restored before you do your weekly backup it will be too late .

Hello Peter,

I am sorry for the issues caused, but only MySQL backup of your account was found. So if we restore your account – it will be empty.

I will be pleased to answer any additional questions you may have.

Kind Regards,
Lewis M.
Sales Manager

Business Enterprise Hosting Media

After this I go check website I just get 404 error not found message I check account with file manager sure enough nothing there totaly empty.

I then send message

Hey I just checked and their is now no files in my account what has happened !

Another 4 hours pass I send

Could someone please help, why have all the files been deleted from my account

They finally reply

Hello Peter,

I am sorry but we do not touched your account. I have only told you that we can restore it from the backup, but only MySQL backup is available.

Thank you for the inquiry and good luck.

Thank You,
Lewis M.
Sales Manager

Business Enterprise Hosting Media

So as you can understand I am bit pissed at this not only do they destroy months of work but they have the audacity to deny it I fortunately have a backup from a couple of weeks ago but I will still loose a heap of customers, but I am thinking of opening a Seller Hosting site so obviously I need a new provider can anyone suggest a good one please.

I hate hosting24 guys. This is reading material for me while I’m taking a dump, literally because while doing so it reminded me of how absolutely shitty their service is so I decided to google it on my iPhone.

I made a site for selling downloadable material, and honestly, 3 out of 4 times that I make a test order to make sure downloadable products are going smoothly, my site shuts down for like 2 minutes. Uptime is garbage.

Im switching to godaddy I guess, not sure what the best server is. I just want uptime with a host that can maintain a mediocre oscommerce store without problems. I only went with hosting24 because I used 000webhost to get the initial test site up. Before I even told them to cancels subscription I made a copy of my database as SQL just in case. I wasn’t going to play any games!

TLDR; Do nottttt go with hosting24. I could take a dump in a server that’s missing the necessary internals for the interwebs and the dump would be able to create a better uptime than the crap hosting24 is using. Thanks for reading. Oh and of you need an ATV/scooter/go kart/dirt bike manual, Thanks!

Here is a help support ticket with there support service is by far the worst conception since, Twins the Movie. You would rather commit Hara Kiri with your finger nails, or Seppuku with a rusty spork!

Don’t know what that means click here–>

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Posted by Chris Campos, on November 16, 2012, 16:09:16
Okay, yesterday everything is fine. I have switched my hosting solution to Hostgator, you guys give me no flak, now, nearly 9 months later, you are pulling the domain to show back on I want that domain transferred to hostgator, I want the EPP Code.
Posted by Staff Member, on November 16, 2012, 16:28:39
Hello Chris,

What is the domain name you need an EEP code for ?

Should you need additional assistance, have further questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Kind Regards,
Gibson R.
Help Desk Staff

Business Enterprise Hosting Media
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Posted by Chris Campos, on November 16, 2012, 16:29:25 or at least can you point the domain back to hostgator
Posted by Chris Campos, on November 16, 2012, 16:33:31 or at least can you point the domain back to hostgator
Posted by Staff Member, on November 16, 2012, 17:13:29
Hello Chris,

Here you go the EPP code W;gWe5wknd

We look forward to being of service.

Best Wishes,
Gibson R.
Help Desk Staff

Business Enterprise Hosting Media
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Posted by Chris Campos, on November 17, 2012, 20:15:24
Okay I need the privacy option for disabled so that we can transfer the site, also, can you change the as the contact info to thanks.
Posted by Staff Member, on November 17, 2012, 20:57:08
Hello Chris,

We have disabled the domain privacy on
You can update Your contact information via Your members area -> Your Details section.

Best of luck – please contact us with any additional questions.

Many Thanks,
Darren R.
Help Desk Staff

Business Enterprise Hosting Media
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Posted by Chris Campos, on November 18, 2012, 11:14:15
no, no, not i need, that is the one, that is down.
Posted by Staff Member, on November 18, 2012, 11:44:13
Hello Chris,

It was disabled for now.

It has been my pleasure to assist you today. If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to contact us again.

Many Thanks,
Lewis M.
Sales Manager

Business Enterprise Hosting Media
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Posted by Chris Campos, on November 20, 2012, 11:54:37
alright, why are you guys playing games with me?

I need the EPP CODE for (MUSDEO.COM) The last one didn’t work, and you haven’t unlocked the site. It has become very annoying, it seems like you guys are dragging your feet on purpose…
Posted by Staff Member, on November 20, 2012, 13:30:35
Hello Chris,

there are records found regarding on our system

We look forward to being of service.

Thank you for using our services,
Gibson R.
Help Desk Staff

Business Enterprise Hosting Media
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Posted by Chris Campos, on November 21, 2012, 10:20:30
Serious, if it werent for the fact you guys were in russia, I would sue the HOLY HELL OUT OF YOU!!!! However, if you don’t want me to create a HUGE CAMPAIGN, to seeing you guys go bankrupt, then, start helping!

You know what I have been wanting, the EPP CODE, for (.COM) <—– Not .Net, .COM!!!! Okay!!! Good!!! Now, I need the site unlocked, the privacy settings should be off, is that so hard? I thought russians were good at computers. You guys must not be russian.

HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE. Completely unreliable customer support. I was trying to configure my business email with my Mac Mail for over a month and they kept finding new issue of why its not working. They don’t have phone service, you can only communicate with them through email. You have to create a “ticket”/ claim every time you have an issue and need assistance. Today I woke up to my site being down and they still haven’t resolved the issue with my email.

Don’t waist your time or money.


Use GoDaddy! are thieves. I had a three year hosting agreement with 24Hour Hosting that expires this December 2014. On the 6th of December I asked that they cancel the renewal that will start on the 17th of December. Their Help desk said “NO” and tough luck since I did not give them 7 days notice. Even though I had a hosting 3 year contract with them, we never sent any content in those three years and are not planning to now or in the future. Therefore we asked that the contract be canceled and our money refunded. Thank God we paid with our American Express Corporate Card as they do not tolerate this type of behavior and do not like to see their card members ripped off. We got the charge reversed. My recommendation for hosting your domain is to go to!! Stay away from!!!
This is the Help Desk response from 24Hour Hosting when I asked that my account be closed/cancelled and my money refunded: “As explained on our website (, You must notify Hosting24 at least 7 days before the next automated renewal date if you wish to cancel the recurring payments without any further recurring charges (Hosting24 shall not be held responsible for recurring automated payment if notified less than 7 days before the next subscription payment date, and this payment will not be refunded).
We can cancel your account, please confirm and it will be done as soon as possible. Please note that all files will be deleted and payment subscription will also be canceled.
Best of luck – please contact us with any additional questions.
James K.
Help Desk Staff”

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