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ICDsoft Sucks or this hosting Rocks?

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Here is another experimental way to determine if a hosting is bad or good. We wanted to see if reviews on the internet favors or go against a web hosting company. This time we looked at We looked for ICDsoft reviews by searching Google search engine result pages (SERPs) for the keyword “ICDsoft sucks” and “ICDsoft rocks”. The result for this hosting is pretty surprising. SERPs analysis for ICDsoft on 6 Dec 2008

Analysis Total SERPs “Rocks” “Sucks” SERP Rating
ICDsoft 100,000 40+ almost none 45,000 0
more than 5
Exabytes 154,000 1
more than 20
Gator Reviews 2,000,000+
400 1800

Note: Some keywords above were searched with the quotes included, to eliminate unrelated results.

Is ICDsoft Any Good?

The search for the keywords “ICDsoft sucks” on Google returned almost no related complaint about ICDsoft. The search for “ICDsoft rocks” returned more than 40 results or praises (at least for today). This gives ICDsoft positive rating and thumbs up by this rating criteria.

In contrast, a search for “Lypha sucks” returned more than 5 complaints while a search for “Lypha rocks” returned almost no recommendation. In addition, a search for “Exabytes sucks” returned more than 20 bad experiences while a search for “Exabytes rocks” returned only 1 praise. We can conclude that Lypha is not recommended while Exabytes sucks for having negative SERP Rating on Google. Thus, thumbs down from for and

Although a search for “Hostgator sucks” returns more than 1800 results while a search for “Hostgator rocks” returned about 400 results, we cannot conclude that Hostgator has negative SERP Rating on Google compared to ICDsoft. This is because the number of total SERPs for Hostgator is many times more that ICDsoft. This is due to Hostgator being the bigger company and hosted way more domains compared to ICDsoft. If we want to compare apple to apple, or web hosting companies of the same size, ICDsoft can safely be compared to Exabytes.

How Good is ICDsoft?

Can ICDsoft be your web hosting of choice? You decide. They also have 100-days money back guarantee, longer than any other cheap hosting can offer (others normally give 30-day guarantee only). You have almost no risk for trying them. Click the ICDsoft discount link below and get your second account for 20% less.

Another benefit of ICDsoft is that if you have more accounts with them, you get up to 70% discount on new hosting account purchases, and up to 50% discount on renewals. They are also well known for top rated customer service. We have been with them for more than 7 years, and yes, they answer support tickets in just a few minutes. We at highly recommends ICDsoft to anybody, even if you are a newcomer or a reseller.

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