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IX Web Hosting Should Be Axed!

11 Comments on IX Web Hosting Should Be Axed!

Heard about IXwebHosting problems? Some say IX Web Hosting scams or IX hosting sucks? Saw some issues, IXwebHosting complaints and bad customer experiences? Can these negative reviews be trusted? Heard some horror stories about their limitations? READ THIS FIRST!

If you are considering to get a hosting account from IXwebHosting, you may want to (or probably have tried to) search for the keywords “IXwebHosting Sucks” on Google. However, the result may confuse you. Perhaps you have read tons of good stuff and rave reviews about thus far.

IXwebHosting experiences and stories like below or on hate sites such as may make you think twice to signup with IXwebHosting:

  • “…Those f—– people at IX Web Hosting decided to f— with their Hard drives or whatever the hell they were doing. First, I lost my whole blog completely. Totally gone. Then I complained and the next day…”
  • “The site goes down 3 times a week, and the live chat customer support is slow…”
  • “I use them now, only about three months. They blow…“

If you go through each of Googles result pages, it seems there a few unsatisfied customers and clients who have been through some sticky situation with IXwebHosting. If you search for the keywords “IXwebHosting sucks”, you see that there are less than 50 results by Google. Is that a lot of bad things said about one hosting? Assuming all those result pages really talk about why this hosting provider sucked in some ways. There may be a few more result pages when you search for “IXwebHosting scam”, “IXwebHosting issues“, or ”IXwebHosting problems“. Should these hate or complaint sites worry you after you have read so many positive reviews? Should hate pages make you change your mind?

Hosting Total Pages
About Web Host
Total Hate Pages
About This Host
Hate/Pages Ratio
IXwebHosting 720,000 37 0.005%

Think again. Do not dismiss the fact that IXwebHosting is one of the top web hosting companies in the market today. You have read the other IXwebHosting reviews elsewhere. IXwebHosting does what a hosting company should do. That is, IXwebHosting actually answers their phones, replies to their emails, responds to live chat requests, doesn’t rip you off, and provides quality hosting. So among the millions of satisfied clients, surely they will be a few who disagree. Let us look at the numbers above.

How Good is IXwebHosting

From the above number, only 5 out of every 100,000 SERP pages about IXwebHosting says that this hosting sucks. This is still extremely good considering other hostings we have looked at have way worst ratio. The hate pages is actually negligible.

We know, finding a good web hosting can be tiring and time consuming, when you should be building your blog or selling your product.

So our verdict: recommends IXwebHosting

You have seen the numbers. You should look no further. Follow the discount link below to order. Hesitate no more. IXwebHosting is what you want to signup with today:

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Once again I have had a horrible experience with IX Webhosting. Here is a list of issues that I exprienced over the last year of being with them:

1. The password to the control panel keeps getting reset and I know for a fact that only a select few have access. Any changes made by those few are logged and disseminated to the rest. When I ask I am made to look like “what’s the big deal?”

2. They NEVER return calls and almost never update tickets except to close it and say that it was your fault. They refer you to the “system admin” who is a ghost as far as I am concerned then are quick to tell you that they can’t do anything else to help you.

3. Press as you might the cannot suggest when the problem can be fixed. It is like they think that your business and clients that are affected by problems don’t matter.

4. Their first level support are unskillful googlers who waste no time in presenting irrelevant rubbish explanations that clearly shows that they have missed the basics of training.

Most Recent Exerience:

Unfortunately they host my mail (haven’t gotten around to hosting my own as yet). One of my customers suddenly cannot send me any mail from their domain, at least I no longer receive it on my domain hosted with IX Webhosting.

My customer had a recent SPAM issue that was resolved however they were not blacklisted. All this time I was receiving mail fine. However a while after the issues is resolved I cannot receive any mail from them.

I try chat support who quickly tells me that I need to call in to report the problem.

ok I call and some guy is trying desparately to convince me that there is a problem with the MX records of my client. And even though I tell him that mxtoolbox gives me a clean report and also that my hosted mail is the only domain that is not receiving mail from my client along with other information he refuses listen. Eventually he gets tired and tells me that he has to get a system admin to call me back.

24 hrs later no call from any admin and I decide to log a ticket myself and describe the problem – no response.

I call back again and a young lady informs me that the issue was left
untouched, whatever that means and puts me on hold after every question I answer. She then routes it to the “correct” queue and pomises me that I will receive a call.

24 hrs later no call and no update other than hers that says the call is on hold.

I update the ticket to ask what is going on?

12 hrs later no response so I call and was informed that since I updated the ticket to ask a question it was reverted to the end of the queue. Apparently I was punished for quering the status on my issue. Another young lady can give me no indication as to an estimated resoution time or at least response time.

I ask for her supervisor who refused to give me his name but was quick to tell me that I would have to wait until the admins got around to looking at the problem.

He didn’t think it was reasonable for them to at least update the ticket and was quick to tell me that “we are just the phones” and that they couldn’t escalate beyond redirecting my problem to the admin queue. They would get to it whenever they can and I would have to wait…”there are other customers ya know?” so I have absolutely no idea how long I will be in that queue. His entire tone suggested that he had worked a tripple shift and was tired and grumpy or he simply couldn’t be bothered. Meanwhile I embarasingly have to tell my customer that I am in the process of moving my mail services which after this I definitely will.

It really upsets me when companies like this get away with such horrible service.

The least you owe your customer as a service provider is a timely and honest update(s) especially when there is a problem. Lack of communications leaves people to assume the worst and suggests that the customer is not important.

It does not matter where the fault lies – you are providing a service and it should be your obligation to protect the reputaion of that service by open communications to the client at all times. As an IT consultant I can personally attribute the retension of my business not to my knowledge as much as to ensuring that my customers are always informed and have open access to me. Many times it has been my saving grace during the few hiccups I have made over the years.

I recently switched to iX webhosting and it indeed SUCKS. Lately, my emails are getting bounced back. It seems iX likes to host Spammers. Don’t try the support service. They’ll just leave you on hold. If service and email are important to you, then reconsider another service.

Omg, where to start? After my 10th time at least with their Live Chat I’m ready to stick my head in an oven. Our site keeps loading slowly, or it times out altogether with a 500 error. Tech support insists it’s loading just fine for them, however their own speedtest said it took 39 seconds. (A major improvement over earlier) I ran at least 5 separate speedtests on it from 5 different sources, and they all indicate the server is extremely slow. I asked to see their logs, and they say not allowed. Having a conversation with them is like a “Who’s on First?” dialogue! The web monitoring company I now engaged keeps sending me alerts that the site is unavailable, yet their techs keep reciting: It’s loading just fine for me… Then they insist it’s my isp, the design, the web, nothing, blah, blah, blah. It’s their lousy windows servers!! There are three different people associated to the site with three isps in two different states, and my download speed clocks in at almost 1400 kbps! I can’t even imagine what it would be like visiting the site on dial-up. But their tech support is in total denial and clueless as to any technical expertise. It’s really frustrating and as we speak, the site is still timing out. I don’t know about their Linux services, but if you need Windows for your project stay far away from IXWebhosting..

I am hosting with IX for more then a year already and I am pretty satisfied with it. LiveChat and ticket team are great. Paying only 8 dollars per month for unlimited plan. Where can you find such service for such prices? yes I understand that dedicated hosting is better then shared, but dedicated hosting cost much more.

To anyone reading this, forget IXWebhosting. They do suck. I’ve had problems the very first week I started using them. That should have been a big red flag to get out but since they were my first ever webhost, I thought that was normal.

They will miss their up-time guarantee by a mile. If you are an internet marketer who works on your sites everyday, you will know this to be true. I had downtime problems with them ever 1 to 2 weeks.

The final straw was when they lost some of my posts and I found out that they did not back up frequently. Good thing I back up every week but there’s one site that I have not gotten around to backing up. Lost everything. Hours of work lost.

Am now in the process of moving out.

IXWebhost is not a reliable host. Period. They are cheap but you do get what you pay for.

IX has it’s good and bad. The support people are responsive for minor issues but are not good with major issues. Personally, my site has been unreliable and they have never seemed to fix it. CPanel will work great sometimes (Usually right after you post a service ticket) and other times it will not load for hours. Same with FTP. Most of the time my site loads well, but way too often it times out. They also do not offer as much as some of the other cheap hosting companies do. It may just be my experience and not typical of all their hosting, but I plan on switching after only one year with them.

Hey, I was just reading these comments, and I feel like I have to inform some people of the way things work.

When the server is down, don’t expect Tech-Support to have access to the server to fix it, though some of them might be able to it’s a PCI compliant issue and they are 100% PCI compliant and only the system administrators have root access to servers, as with most servers.

Hosting companies do not change your password. And the sheer volume of customers to employees is to be considered, if there is a lot of people having issues and believe me a lot of people have coding issues for something as simple as missing a ; or a }, that being said that’s out of support boundaries for any hosting company due to it being a third party application. IX web hosting staff though does try and help with issues as this which is a huge step up in my opinion. They do it to such a fault that they’re expected to do it every time. Of course with that being said, when they are busy they can’t offer that support customers will get mad.

I’ve never had a ticket unanswered and never had a problem with any of their products and went as far as to use their cloud service which is undeniably the best cloud server I’ve ever used.

In a shared hosting environment though it does say unlimited it might be a little confusing. It’s a shared webserver like other companies. Sometimes someone writes poor code that will affect the server and take down other sites, it’s the woe of shared hosting. You give them a call, let them know and they ALWAYS fix it.
They keep everyone posted on whats going on if theirs global problems with and keep updating it through-out the night.

Another issue I have with some of these complaints is mail servers. I don’t know if you know how many mails are sent and received daily but I imagine they have millions going out and even more coming in. Mail can and will get queued up on servers, it’s the general aspect of too many people sending mail at once. It happens. Let them know by calling that your mail is down and usually they can get it fixed or at least inform the system administrators that there’s a queue or a problem with the server and it will get looked at.
instead of getting upset or angry over this I hope you take this into consideration.

If you’re wanting a reliable server, for your website because you’re making $100 a day or more. DO NOT USE SHARED HOSTING. I can’t stress this enough. I don’t know why people think spending 3.95 a month on a site that generates $100 a day is reasonable. $100 * 31 = 3,100 / 3.95 = 784.81012~ that being said one day will pay up to 784 months of hosting, at what point does that seem reliable enough to host your site? If you’re earning a lot of money on a site, move it over to Cloud Servers or their VPS. infact just do that at any web hosting company

Source: I’m a system administrator, I don’t work webhosting, but I do work at a hosting company that sells dedicated servers.
I hope this unbiased review lets all of you realize how things work.

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