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Netaugusta Sucks? The Shocking Truth!

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Heard that Netaugusta sucks? How about Netaugusta hosting problems? Saw some issues, Netaugusta complaints and bad customer experiences? Here is the shocking truth. We cannot find any negative review on the web about Netaugusta, or atleast not yet although they have been around since 2006! There are too few valid negative reviews, if any at all, when we searched for “Netaugusta sucks” or “Netaugusta complaints” on Google today. Yeah sucks for their competitors for sure. Netaugusta sucks

This unorthodox research method is just an alternative numerical way to rate and compare a web hosting service. Some may say this formula is rather over-simplified, and we agree that you also should consider the age and the numbers of domains hosted by the hosting company. However we believe it is still a good and quick way to justify going with a web host or not. Note that we also believe that you will never know for sure about a web host until you try and use their services (see our experience below about using their Basic Hosting Package).

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Why Should You Look for the Negatives Comments Instead?

The web is full of bogus reviews and comment pages that do not give value to readers. Several were created mainly to achieve that extra income from the affiliate programs (a popular method for online merchants to drive website visitors to the merchants’ website). We are not putting down the affiliate marketing in general. This site itself still survives because of these programs (shameless plug – please utilize our links if you want to purchase from Netaugusta).

The main problem is that these reviews and comparison webpages were created without the authors even trying the services or products. Some did not even spend time researching about what they are recommending. Therefore, many of the review sites are biased or simply put – fake. So how can we filter these testimonials? By looking at the negative ones, where users posted complaints when they have problems. They certainly do not gain anything monetary in return for bashing a host.

Of course there are several drawbacks to this logic, including the fact that rival companies can say bad things about a product or service. There are also many spam pages out there. So we need to look carefully at these damaging reviews too. Nevertheless we believe this method is superior than being drawn into one-sided “good” reviews.

Our Experience Using Netaugusta

So here is our encounter with the Basic Plan at this web host. We wanted a cheap cPanel hosting for a new domain name. If you do not know what a cPanel is, it is currently the most popular control panel for web hosting accounts. It is by far the easiest control panel to use. You use it to manage things like your email accounts, file management, create and manage databases and other more technical thing. It is a great tool for beginners.

Server Speed

When we first logged in, everything was fast and responsive. We checked our server’s IP address and it was located in United Kingdom. That is fine as long as our website is located in the Europe or USA as our visitors are mostly from there.

The website also loads pretty fast as compared to many other websites we have. We believe this is due to the fact that Netaugusta is not overselling on this particular package (Basic Plan) we are on. Only host one (1) website is allowed with the Basic Plan so you cannot have add-on domains in a single account. Each customer is only allowed one website per account, unlike plans that says “unlimited” add-on domains where customers will flock many websites on a single server.

Our Experience with Support

While installing WordPress using Softaculous, we made a mistake of clicking away from the installation page while the progress bar was still moving. From there kept getting 505 Server Error message and was not able to complete the WP installation. “That is not good”, we thought. We contacted live chat, and also on several other occassions, to clear a few things up. The responses were quick and immediate. Somebody was always there to greet you. However, it seems like the live chat is only knowledgeable in sales related issues. We contacted about the technical WordPress installation problem but was told to wait for a response via email.

Fortunately, 10 minutes later after we contacted about the WP installation problem, we received an email saying “We are currently recompiling Apache and MySQL on the server which hosts the provided domain name and we are sorry for any inconvenience” and then cPanel was back to normal. We managed to proceed with the WordPress installation in a breeze afterward.

Netaugusta sucks

Netaugusta Website Hosting: The Advantages

  • Free domain included – if you are new, save yourself the headache of configuring DNS settings at a different domain name registrar like Godaddy
  • Cheapest price compared to other popular web hosts
  • Best value for all the included features
  • Easy-to-use & beginner-friendly scripts installers using Softaculous or Fantastico De Luxe for quick website creation with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more.
  • Potential customers may sign up for the 7 day free trial. You will be able to see for yourself if Netaugusta will meet your needs.

Netaugusta Website Hosting: Disadvantages

  • The cheapest plan is only $3.95/month but you are only allowed one website
  • This host is relatively new so we do not know if they can maintain this good service track record when they have more clients in the future

Do We Recommend Netaugusta?

Based on our research, there is no such thing as the best web hosting and there is no perfect web hosting service. We believe Netaugusta is right for 99% of website owners, especially if you are a beginner and wants to start with a stable shared server with friendly fast support. Like we said before, you will never know for sure until you try.

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