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WebHostingHub Sucks? Not True!

No Comments on WebHostingHub Sucks? Not True!

You know how some people ended up with a bad web hosting service and risked their business or blog with downtimes and poor support? Did you arrive to this page, because you do not want to make the same mistake of choosing a web host that sucks?

Based on our research, there is no such thing as the best web hosting and there is no perfect web host. However, WebHostingHub is one of the few exceptions.

We wanted to start a new WordPress blog for a new domain, so we wanted to try a new hosting that is cheap and allows unlimited domains hosting. we wanted something where we are familiar with, i.e cPanel. We heard about WebHostingHub but has never had any chance to have a good look at it.

As usual, we will start by looking at the bad comments and reviews. To our surprise, there are almost no legitimate negative reviews we can find about when we searched for keywords such as “WebHostingHub sucks” and “hate WebHostingHub”.

Click here to see why many people thinks this host is one of the best.

Why Look for the Negatives Comments?
The web is full of false reviews and pages that does not add value to you as a reader. Many were created mainly to gain extra income from the affiliate programs, which is a popular way for online merchants to drive traffic to their website. Do get us wrong, we do support affiliate programs and we also make money from them (plug – please use our links if you decide to purchase from WebHostingHub).

Many of the reviews and comparison pages were created without the author trying the service or products, or even spent time at all researching the products. Therefore, many of the positive review sites are biased or blatantly fake. So how do we filter these reviews – by looking at the negative ones, where users post only when they have problems, not when they want something else in return.

Of course there are some drawbacks to this logic, including the fact that competitors can say bad things about a product or service. Some people are grumpy and always have bad things to say about everything in life – don’t you know somebody like that? So we have to look carefully at some negative reviews too. Nevertheless we believe this method is better than being drawn by one-sided “good” reviews.

We should do the same analysis, not only for services like web hosting, but also before we buy other things such as electronics and clothing. Would you agree that you will more likely to like a camera that does not have many complaints. Try and use the same method of analysis before purchasing your next camera or plasma TV and you will be glad you did.

Our Experience with WebHostingHub

Sign up process was easy and the managemement panel is useful.

Click to see the Management Panel

WordPress installation was quick via cPanel. Don’t forget the $75 free Google Adwords credit.

Click to visit now

The wizard is great for beginners.

Click to see the Wizard

WebHostingHub Website Hosting: Disadvantage

Overselling. We believe that any hosting service that offers “unlimited” everything is overselling. It is just not possible to offer no limit on anything because the unlimited hard-drive has not been invented yet!

If you plan to take advantage of this “unlimited” features to hosting huge (or big amount of) videos, files or musics, then you should stop right here and read their TOS. They have the TOS in place to protect the websites and users on the servers againts abuses.

WebHostingHub Website Hosting: The Advantages

  • Free domain included – if you are new, save yourself the headache of configuring DNS settings at a different domain name registrar like Godaddy
  • Cheapest price compared to other popular web hosts
  • Best value for all the included features
  • Easy-to-use & beginner-friendly Site-builder for quick website creation
  • Host unlimited domains – you may start with one domain at first, but most people will want to get more domains later on, so now there is no need to get a new hosting plan.

Is Web Hosting Hub Right for You?

In short, WHH is highly recommended for beginners who want the most affordable and quick website using their popular and user-friendly Site Builder. If you want to use cPanel, the Hub is one of the cheapest cPanel hosting around. is also suitable for new to experienced bloggers who need a blog platform such as WordPress. The one-click installer comes in handy when installing web applications including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB and many more. Web Hosting Hub is also recommended for small to medium businesses websites. Therefore, know your requirements. WHH may be right for 99% of people.

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