Do You Need a Solution to these Godaddy Issues?

If you are looking to start up a website or expand your current offerings, then this article is a must-read for you. Often times when people look to register a domain name and find a web hosting company they have no idea of where to turn. If you have watched the Superbowl for the past few years then one company continues to show up there: Even though Godaddy may spend a lot of advertising dollars with good-looking women and catchy commercials, there are better alternatives out there that cost less and deliver a better product.

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Godaddy, contrary to popular belief, is not the best web hosting company out there. Many customers have complained about spending too much money with this company. Some customers have experienced false notifications of domain expiration, only to find out that they had paid for multi-year domain plans. This in itself would not be so bad if the customer didn’t then get the runaround for months to rectify the problem. Others have complained about so-called “domain theft” with the company, website registration hoaxes, and double charges. These issues have allowed other web hosting companies to step up and fight for some of the customer base by bringing integrity, customer service and a quality business practice to the forefront. One of these companies is Hostgator.

If you have been a victim of these shoddy business practices, or felt foolish for not understanding a bill or better understanding your service with Godaddy, you are not alone! There are others out there with the same or similar experiences, only many of them have chosen to do something about it. That something is switching to Hostgator!

The Best Alternative

Hostgator started its company in Texas back in 2002, and has been around longer than Godaddy. In 2011 the company expanded its operations internationally and since then has registered its 8 millionth domain name. It has the track record and experience to serve you in the way that only a smaller company can, with a customer touch that the larger players like Godaddy cannot.

Hostgator is a great option for those building their first website and needing a hosting package provided to them. They offer a great cpanel hosting service for a very affordable price, and with certain coupons you can actually try their service for a month for one penny. The company offers shared reseller, VPS, and dedicated server packages for the beginner and for the experienced professional. Each of their web hosting plans includes their 24/7 support and a 99.9% uptime guarantee along with a 45-day money back guarantee. As you can see, they are very confident in their service offerings.

Other features and benefits of Hostgator are the ability to offer you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited web space for customers, and multiple add-on domains offered. Hostgator has a friendly Site Builder and offers the WordPress themes that many are comfortable using when putting together a website. You will also get the ability to use the Fantastico and QuickInstall programs with Hostgator, which brings quick and fast installation of apps as tools to use in building your site.

Godaddy VS Hostgator: The Face Off

  • Using a thirty six month determination period, you can find the essential hosting deal at GoDaddy at about $4.24/month. The particular Hatchling program with HostGator, together with the same determination period, would cost you monthly at $3.96.
  • In terms web hosting administration software, Hostgator uses cPanel which industry standard while Godaddy  has their own control panel that confuses their clients.
  • When it comes to domain registration, Godaddy has the advantage for they offer runs sale on their domain names compared to Hostgator. If you need to sign up for affordable domain names, click here to get the existing special offers at Godaddy and you may definitely end up getting greater management and much more value-added characteristics for the domains.

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