You suck at building website. You think HTML stands for How to Meet Ladies. Many individuals like you are searching for the easiest, and possibly a free way to come out with beautiful websites. This is where you need a site builder to make you life easier.

Today, let us look at the two of the most commonly used hosting with Site builder – Hostgator and Weebly.

Weebly so popular because, of course, it is free. Sure, there are a also lot of other free hosting companies to help you build websites, but make sure you ask these questions first:

  1. If you have an existing design, will it work correctly?
  2. Will it meet all your web design needs?
  3. Have you check its support, reliability and hidden prices?

As your fellow site owner, you ought to really be mindful in selecting the best host company for it could make or break your web presence. Web hosting plays an important role in making your site’s online presence and also in the search engine optimization of your web site so it is crucial that you should have no room for wrong decision in these subject.

Free web hosting, such as Weebly, is best to use when you are publishing personal sites such as blog that don’t need much web hosting features given that free hosting has minimal support in terms on webspace, bandwidth, php and mysql database, ftp support, email hosting support and so forth. Otherwise, if you need unlimited hosting service for your business websites or other type of websites that requires more than enough web hosting features, better option is usually to get in premium web hosting services.

The Face-Off: Weebly VS HG

1. Web Hosting Features

Each of them have excellent features such as a user-friendly sitebuilder and free templates. Additionally, here is a complete report on their web hosting capabilities:

Hostgator Weebly
  • various upgradable premium hosting plans are available for different types for shared, dedicated server, virual private server and reseller hosting service
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free templates
  • Free ad credits
  • cPanel/WHMCS support
  • Unlimited disk space storage
  • Support multiple domains hosting at no extra charge
  • FTP and email hosting support
  • Unlimited databases
  • 99.9% server uptime guarantee
  • Free site builder & instant setup
  • Provides coupon codes such as ‘FTPHOSTING’ for $0.01 first month of hosting
  • Payable monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, per 2 years, per 3 years  and a lot more
  • comes in free hosting and pro accounts
  • provide free subdomain
  • good drag and drop sitebuilder
  • Ad free, no pop ups
  • tons of website templates to choose from
  • and a lot more
  • Google Adsense integration
  • no cpanel/WHMCS support since they have their own dashboard
  • free account is up to 2 free subdomains only any additional subdomains to be hosted require payment
  • free account don’t have database access and ftp hosting support

2. Cost

Weebly provides free web hosting account on their clients which helps you to have access to their free web templates, free subdomains, and ‘drag and drop’ type sitebuilder that permits you to finish and publish quickly your website. Furthermore, Weebly Pro ($4.99/month) account allows users to create password-protected pages and upgrade file size limits, and obtain additional support solutions.

On the other hand, Hostgator give out free accounts (although you can test drive their full hosting services at only a penny). Their Gator Baby begins at $7.96 per month that is more expensive than Weebly. But their hosting plan costs are expected to be more expensive for they provide an array of differing types website hosting namely shared, dedicated server, vps and reseller hosting services. Unlike any other less expensive hosting services, you can actually upgrade to a higher web hosting service plan if you really need to plus their customer support is extremely responsive. Even though you’re not hosting your website with they will answers your questions, just try their Chat support! Yet, cost is one of the determining factor of the vast majority, HG give you a lot of Hostgator coupon 2013 to let you obtain services at a lower price from $.01 for the first month of hosting up to 25% of at any web hosting plans. But, their coupons codes are valid only to their first time customers.

3. Popularity

Let us review the public attention towards both Hostgator and Weebly. After broadly reviewing their skills, we discovered that the current more famous web hosting company is Hostgator. The comparison chart show below shows the global Internet users who visit vs for not only web hosting reasons, but as along with for domain name registration.

The fact that Hostgator is a not a free hosting but gets almost similar traffic as Weebly tells something about its popularity. Hostgator must have done something right to get such attention worldwide.

4. Customer Service

Hostgator Weebly
  • 24/7 Live chat
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Submit a Ticket
  • Email

Weebly delivers email support with regards to free members while their premium members will get premium customer service. On the hand, Hostgator provides live chat, email, phone, fax, and ticketing support for all their potential customers. Even non members are able to use HG’s customer support. With regards to BBB rating, Hostgator receives an A+ BBB rating and a longer money back guarantee period which is 45 days so you are certain that you can received premium quality hosting service and have a lot of time to evaluate their web hosting service.

Furthermore, Weebly receives an F for BBB rating. Although it has good evaluations on their free hosting services, if you go with their premium account, it does not sound like you will get the value for your money, as compared to if you choose HG.


Weebly presently offers only email assistance because of their customer’s queries. Furthermore, you can’t utilize scripts like PHP. Addititionally there is no ftp support that can hinder you against uploading your personal files and web designs. Moreover, there isn’t any database access granted. Weebly doesn’t give support for Java scripts indicating that web designers just can’t use any special effects on their web sites. You can also experience lesser treatments for the feel of your website. Weebly won’t offer you the access to be capable of edit the HTML code directly, which may be another major disadvantage for several their users.


Hostgator vs Weebly
90% Support

Star rated hosting


Star rated hosting


Star rated hosting

84% Support

Star rated hosting


Star rated hosting


Star rated hosting

When you’d like to make and publish your site quickly, then Weebly is best choice for you. This is also a significantly preferable option for beginners who want to develop their website due to Weebly’s drag and drop interface.

However, if you wish to have the total control in managing your web sites like managing the look of the site, creating database, running php and javascipts, uploading files and editing your HTML codes, then Hostgator will be your best choice.

It is solely be determined by your decision on which host corporation will suit your internet hosting requirements. You can find hosting free at Weebly you can also get premium web hosting at Hostgator. Hostgator gives you discount online coupons to get their hosting service at a cheaper price. You can use their $0.01 for the 1st month or try their 25% off coupon.