When you are contemplating a hosting company, it is important to review them and ensure that they don’t have too many negative feedbacks. You can check a hosting company for poor reviews by searching for “Hosting Company X Sucks” in Google.com, Bing.com, or your favorite search engine and looking over the results that appear. Following this line of advice, we searched “hosting 24 sucks“, “hosting 24 complaints“, “hosts24 sucks“, “hosting24 sux“, “host24 sucks” as well as variations that include possibly misspelled reviews, such as “host24 sux” and “hosting 24 sux.”

While our research results revealed that Hosting24 isn’t the worst company, we have received a lot of poor reviews in the comments section of this post. Because of this, we suggest that you consider going with a different host.

So if you ask us how good is Hosting 24 web hosting, our answer is that you might want to try an alternative hosting at InMotion and take 20% off too.

In addition, Hosting24 is also related to the company 000webhost that provides free hosting service. If you follow the same methodology as above to see what others have said about 000webhost.com, you will be more shocked. We can hardly find any positive review. Yes it is a free hosting, but you do not see so many complaints with Weebly do you? 000webhost.com complaints aside, Hosting24 is the money-making arm of this company so it should be better than 000webhost.


The advertised price of $4.84 on their front page is actually for a 3-year advanced payment. Would you risk your hard-earned money paying $174.24 for a service so far in advanced? If you want to pay on month-by-month basis, the cost will then be $7.84/month, which is not too much cheaper than the alternative hosts we recommend here such as Host Gator.

Our Verdict: Hostingsthatsuck.com Recommends An Alternative WebHost

Try An Alternative Hosting Instead

Because Hosting24 has received so much negative feedback on this post, we’re recommending that you go with InMotion Hosting instead if you want a hosting for a business. They are not the cheapest but you get what you pay for. They have 90-day money back guarantee which is the longest in the industry. Use the link below to get exclusive 20% discount. You will not get this discount if you go direct to inmotionhosting.com

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Another host worth mentioning is Hostgator. They are great for personal or hobby website. Hostgator’s pricing packages start at $3.96-per-month, which is about $4 cheaper than Hosting24, and you’ll be receiving an account with superior support that’s ready for both eCommerce and cPanel. Other benefits include unlimited disk space and bandwidth, a shared SSL certificate, and access to Easy Site Builder, which helps you create websites easily in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) designer. HostGator.com promises a 99.9% uptime, so you never have to worry about your website going down, which could cost you in both lost revenue and visitors. Use coupon codes below to save even more at HG.

Try for a penny: WEBSITELAUNCH

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Want to give HostGator.com a tour before paying? You can try it for free using the coupon code above. Once the free trial is over, you can either sign up for a monthly hosting package, or you can cancel without any obligation. Based on our eight years of experience being hosted by HostGator.com, we feel you’ll be more than satisfied with your choice.

Get the alternative hosting account from $3/month at inMotion Hosting or from Hostgator.