If you are confused between choosing Hostingsource (Hostingsource.com) or an alternative hosting, then you certainly found the best page to help you decide. It’s no fun to have to move, copy, reconfigure and rebuild your site once you have decided on a web host. It can be a frustrating experience too. So you have to choose your web hosting plan carefully before it is too late.

A web host can be considered any good only if compared to at least one similar service in the same category. We will look at the comparison between HostingSource and another web hosting service, namely Hostgator (Hostgator.com). We compare and include some measures that matter including customer support, offers, BBB rating, features, upgradability and pricing.

Shared Hosting Plans

When it comes to their shared hosting plans, both Hostingsource and Hostgator offer Linux and Windows hosting. Hostgator Baby plan which cost less than $10 a month offers unlimited bandwidth and storage. HG Baby plan also allows unlimited domains to be hosted on the same account. On the other hand, Hostingsource best shared plan with 300GB diskspace and 2GB bandwidth is $34.95 per month. The most expensive plan at Hostingsource allows only two domains to be hosted in one account which means you will incur huge cost for hosting more than one domain name.

Some may argue that an unlimited everything hosting is an oversell. Putting “unlimited hosting” aside, and if you’re having to pay on the month-to-month basis, HostingSource with the cheapest plan is just slightly more cheaper than Hostgator’s Baby plan. So if you think you will have just a few visitors and use very little space, then the cheapest package for each is about the same price.

Is HG really better? It is still too early to decide. Know how much space and traffic you need. Do you need to host more than one domain? So which is more cost effective for your need? You be the judge.

Hostgator Baby Gator Plan HostingSource Hosting I Plan
  • $8.95/month
  • Free domain for life only with annually pre-payment
  • Only 1 domain allowed (or maximum of 2 with the $34.95 plan)
  • 1000 Email Boxes
  • 300 GB Web Space
  • 3000 GB Transfer
  • Payable monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually

Hosting Support

Based on a survey done by a research company on more than 1,600 shoppers in 2011, 45% of online shoppers want live chat. Live chat is especially useful if your web hosting company is located in a different country than yourself and phone support is costly.

Forty-five percent of online shoppers prefer if live chat help is available.

If you are like many people, live chat can give instant gratification and sense of security for your website. You know you can get hold of somebody 24/7 using live chat. Unfortunately, not many web hosts offer live chat support beyond sales chat. Currently, Hostingsource does not have live chat.

Furthermore, you should search for a provider that take great pride the reputation of their company and make an effort to resolve any problems that their customers might have. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) may be the leading agency in the United States for customers researching the businesses they can cope with. Hostgator has constantly maintained A Rating at BBB for a long time. Additionally, money-back guarantees allow clients time to evaluate the standard and services information & support on their own. The length of that guarantee directly affects how long you can make that judgment to stay with a host.

Hostgator.com HostingSource.com
  • Phone
  • Email

Try Before You Buy

Would you buy clothing before you try it on? Would you buy a fragrance before you smell it? Didn’t you buy your car only after a test drive? And rarely will we buy food unless we’ve tasted it first right? So with web hosting it should be no different. Why commit your hard-earned money to a year of service before you try the features that you think you may need in a hosting plan?

Hostgator HostingSource
1 month for a penny No Free Trial

Ongoing Offers

You can try Hostgator cPanel hosting for nearly free. If you know that Hostgator is what you would like, you may also save 25% from the normal cost using the Hostgator coupon code 2013 below.

Hosting Plan Choices and Upgradability

Both are the same when it comes to expandability and options to upgrade. A business owner should begin a website with the end in mind. You need to avoid web hosting that’s a one-size-fits-all hosting since you do take some room to develop your company. When searching for a web host, attempt to search for a web host that is providing multiple categories of website hosting and multiple packages within those categories, i.e VPS and dedicated hosting options. You should have an easy upgrade option to ensure your online presence as the visitors to your website increase.

Hostgator HostingSource
Available Plans:

Available Plans:

Hostgator Sucks? HostingSource is Better?

HostingSource could be an excellent webhosting company with their claim of uptime of up to 99.9%, fast support team, fast servers, flexibility, competitive pricing, and the like. However, the shared plans are very expensive compared to other web hosting companies out there.

Hostgator on the other hand, won’t give free domain name compared to many other hosting companies. There’s every so often a long waiting time for you to be entertained when you’re using live chat due to HG being typically the most popular host.

Who To Choose?

Hostgator and Hostingsource both offer more than enough hosting features in their shared plans and reseller hosting plans. However, Hostgator offers better pricing and can be more cost effective for bigger sites. Hostgator also allows multiple domains hosting on a single account (Baby Gator plan). Additionally, Hostgator is a BBB accredited company and always can be contacted in more ways than HostingSource, including communication through live chat, telephone calls, email, fax, as well as snail mail letters. HostingSource offers only phone and email support.

The key factor in choosing HG may be the discount offered. If you’re a startup business, any discount should help with keeping the initial cost as low as possible. With Hostgator, you can start with only $0.01 for the first month, or get 25% off from your first invoice.

Click on the coupon below try Hostgator cPanel Linux hosting for nearly free. You can also save 25% from the normal cost using the Hostgator promo code below.

To conclude, Hostgator offers better hosting for the shared hosting category. Although Hostgator has some disadvantages, its advantages outshine its disadvantages when it comes to comparing with Hostingsource. You may also look for other Hostgator reviews to determine what other people say about Hostgator.