You know how people found out a bit too late that the cheap hosting they picked actually sucked? They poured hours and hours onto building their site and had to restart over and went through hell to transfer to another host. In most cases, they were being fooled by low-priced web hosting providers that make sky-high promises during pre-sale. Server downtimes and horrible customer support were not the only problems. Wait until your credit card gets billed even after you cancelled the hosting account.

So here are some of the names you hear about when you look for a web hosting service: iPage, Justhost, Hostmonster and Hostgator. Any of them any good?

Nevertheless, it’s very irritating to begin creating your site when you don’t understand what you’re likely to do in terms of choosing your web host. Some preferred cheap web hosting companies but later suffer from poor server uptimes. Some use expensive hosting plans but aren’t confident if they picked the appropriate web host. Will you consider the price in obtaining a website hosting service?

Price is important in selecting a web host. It is one of the vital on regardless of whether people where get a particular web hosting plan. Some thought of using expensive website hosting providers but little did they know that they can also get more or less the same website hosting providers on other cheap web hosting companies. But before signing up at any host company, it’s a wide idea to identify first on what is really your web hosting specifications and review carefully the trustworthiness of the best host company of your liking. After that, try to match your hosting specifications with one of their web hosting plans and see if it satisfy your requirements.

Today, let us compare a number of the biggest name in the web hosting industry namely Hostgator, Justhost, Ipage and Hostmonster.

Hostmonster VS Ipage VS Justhost VS HG

Features Hostgator Baby Plan Justhost Ipage Hostmonster
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Allowed Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Money Back Guarantee 45 days Anytime Anytime 30 days
BBB Rating A+ F C+ A-
Price per month $7.96 1st yr $9.95 onwards $8.95/mo + $20 setup N/A N/A
Price per 6 months $7.96/mo $7.95/mo N/A N/A
Price per year $7.96/mo $3.75/mo $4.50/mo $6.95/mo
Price per 2 years $7.16/mo $ $4.25/mo $5.95/mo
Price per 3 years $6.36/mo $ $3.50/mo $5.95/mo


Hostmonster is also one of the trustworthy web hosting companies. They obtained an A- BBB rating for their unlimited basic essential web hosting service. They do provide an annual payment period at $6.95 monthly, or get their $5.95 each month web hosting service for a 2 year-period and a 3-year web hosting period. They are available also with 30 days money back guarantee period. Frequently, Hostmonster offers special discounts and promotions so if you’re a month their very first time clients be sure to grab it before the offer expires.


Ipage is also among the most affordable web hosting providers that can offer limitless shared web hosting service at $3.50 per month for a 3-year period. Additionally you can pay $4.50 per month for an annual payment period or pay $4.25 per month for a 2-year payment period. Although they provide limitless hosting service and ‘anytime’ money back guarantee period however their BBB rating is C+ which make it more difficult for you to decide in whether or not can offer quality website hosting service. iPage only provides the essential web hosting service. Anything else such as backup includes a cost. Read through full Ipage review.


Justhost is among cheapest hosting provider offering both shared and reseller hosting service. They can also provide you with limitless web hosting service and what’s good is their cash back guaranteed period at anytime. Their web hosting plan is fairly cheap at $3.75 per month but given if your trying to get yearly, per 24 months and per 36 months payment terms. You can also obtain their hosting service at per month basis at $8.95 per month plus $20 setup which can be actually much pricier than in Hostgator. Obviously you can also take advantage of their discounts considering the fact that your one of their very first time clients. Take a full look at Justhost review.


Hostgator is probably the most commonly known hosting provider. They offer shared, dedicated server, virtual private server(vps) and reseller hosting provider. Hostgator provides unlimited quality web hosting service with versatile payment terms and upgradable selections that makes the an ideal web hosting company. In addition to that, they received an A+ BBB rating which indicates just how they are in delivering their website hosting service as well as customer service to their customers. However, some individuals still find it costly in getting Hostgator web hosting plans compared to their competitors. Although they are giving versatile payment terms like monthly, quarterly, every 6 months, annually, per 2 years and so forth with upgradable choices, some people obtain their website hosting plans quite more costly. But the good news is you can use their offered online coupons to get discounts on their web hosting service such as $0.01 for the first month or get the 25% off coupon at any of their web hosting plans!

The online codes above are valid only for their first time clients so make the most of it now. In the case if their hosting service is not enough for you, you can freely transfer to another web hosting company and acquire your money back given that you aren’t surpass on their 45 days money-back guaranteed period. Read more about Hostgator review.

Remember: Most ‘cheapest’ website hosting plans are for over a year(s) of prepayment.



Most of the ‘cheapest’ web hosting plans are for over a year(s) of prepayment. This could be economical is a user is sure enough to host his web sites on a particular website hosting company and if he is planning to stay too long. But for those people who are just starting or just screening their websites, look for a hosting provider than can provide you with the longest money-back guarantee period, free trial or a little fee for a trial period, and supplies you versatile payment terms and upgradable options.

Our verdict: Hostgator

Hostgator can present you with flexible payment conditions, trial period, money-back guarantee, quality website hosting service and customer support. Despite the fact that Hostgator isn’t offering the cheapest web hosting plan however, you can use their Hostgator coupon codes to get discounts.