We have had some people asking for a review for Mac hosting services. To put it is simple words – Mac website hosting sucks, and here is the main reason why.

“Mac Hosting plans are many times more expensive than Linux or even Windows web hosting.”

Here are some common myths about Mac website hosting:

  • Mac-compatible or Apple-compatible hosting is hosted on a Mac or Apple server
  • Mac-friendly hosting is hosted on Mac or Apple server

Believe it or not, most of the mac-compatible and mac-friendly hosting are not even using Mac servers. So why are people paying much more to use them? Educate yourself about your hosting options and you can make your own wise decision.

Mac hosting is a myth. Just choose any good Linux hosting like Hostgator

The Truth about Mac Hosting

If you are a Mac user, let us help you get the facts straight about web hosting – there is no exclusive need for web hosting for Mac OS users. You do not need a special Mac web hosting!

What is Web Hosting

The hosting server acts like your house on the World Wide Web. It is where all your website files reside. When someone knows your address (i.e domain name), they will come to the house (i.e using a web browser) and you can show them around. Every once in a while you either have to clean the site (maintenance and updating of the files).

You can use any web hosting company because your website will be hosted on the server. You can build your web pages (or house as in the web hosting analogy above) using Adobe Dreamweaver for Mac and save the files with their respective extensions such as HTML, PHP etc. Use Fetch or an FTP program to transfer your files to the server.

It does not matter if you want to get a Mac web hosting in Australia or India. You can Google and look for Mac web hosting in the UK or USA. You can surf the web looking for a Mac web server. There are very few of them and why pay more when you can host on the less expensive Linux servers? 99% of all web servers on the planet are running either Linux or Windows.

Rapidweaver Hosting

Even if you are using a template-based website creation tool like RapidWeaver (from Realmac Software) which is exclusive to Mac OS X, you can still host your website without problem. RapidWeaver requirements are actually quite low. You just need some sort of web server. Apache on most Linux servers are the norm. You also need some sort of FTP. RapidWeaver can work with either plain old FTP or the more modern SFTP which most web hosting we recommend below will provide on their server-side. If want to use the more interactive scripts like the Contact Form page, you’ll also need PHP. This functionality is also widely available on the non-Mac Linux servers as recommended below.

Web Site Hosting for Mac Users

What you really need is a web hosting company that has knowledgeable support. Since most of the knowledge-base, tutorials, guides and tips on the internet are written for Windows users, it is important that you select a web host with a superior support system. Do not simply go for any cheap web hosting. Invest a few extra dollars for a hosting account from a company with top customer support and knowledgeable technical team. This will save your time and money when you need to contact support, and will need their help if have been using just Mac and no PC for a long time. A good support team will understand the Mac lingo and will be able to explain and troubleshoot your problems better.

Web Hosting for Mac

We recommend the best Mac web hosting options below.

Click to visit HostgatorHostgator – Best Unlimited Website Hosting for Mac

This is a top hosting company with the best Mac-friendly shared plan around with 24/7 superb and responsive support team. Hostgator has good reviews from many Mac users. You should check them out and use the coupon below to try for almost free.

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People say only cool and unique people use Mac. Just like a cool Macintosh, this web host feature unique theme and design. Besides using other boring web hosts like the rest, you can deviate from the norm with the Fatcow hosting! You can go around telling your friends that you have a website at Fat Cow. No but seriously, we like it when designers put thought behind their design and theme. Use the coupon below and get a special 43% discount.

Click here to visit WebfactionWebfaction – Best Technical Support

This web host is known for having very good technical support and to having the most secure servers. They have the most knowledgeable support team among the many bargain hosting out there. Click here to see the affordable Webfaction plans available for you and throw at them some of the most technical question you have.