You know how many Mac users who are publishing their websites using iWeb started panicking when they heard that the late Steve Jobs told an iWeb user to start looking for another website builder and a new host? The lack of iWeb love from Apple, further strengthens any rumor that iWeb and MobileMe would not be developed further. In June 2011, Apple confirmed that iWeb publishing, MobileMe Gallery, and iDisk will all disappear as the company sunsets its current online service in favor of iCloud.

Publishing iWeb via FTP

So if you still have your iWeb websites, it is time to move to an iWeb FTP hosting. iWeb featured built-in support for publishing to other third-party web hosts with FTP, although MobileMe is the default host. Therefore, you do have the power to publish to another hosting company.

Here are some reasons why an FTP hosting is better than MobileMe.

  • MobileMe is no longer accepting new subscribers so forget it if you are just starting out to use MobileMe.
  • If you’re a current member of MobileMe, you can access everything only until June 30, 2012. It is time to panic, or lose everything.
  • MobileMe doesn’t support any server side language such as PHP but most FTP web hosts do.
  • MobileMe does not give enough storage, and this is not good if you are serious about your website.
  • iCloud is Apple’s new cloud service to replace MobileMe, but sorry, iWeb publishing is not part of the services to be offered. Did we say you should panic?

What is good about MobileMe and iWeb

iWeb allowed users to develop and style internet websites and blogs without coding, and included many Apple-designed themes, each and every of which had various page templates with coordinated fonts and colors. Users could customize these pages by replacing placeholder text and by dragging and dropping their own photos and videos into the document. Templates included weblog, podcast, and photo and movie gallery pages, also as regular “Welcome” and “About Me” pages.

iWeb featured built-in support for publishing to MobileMe, a suite of online applications developed by Apple. When account details was entered, users simply clicked a button to publish their whole website.

So, if you are using iWeb, you may want to continue using it, but where to host your website when MobileMe is almost dead?

Checklist To Find a Good Mac-Friendly FTP Hosting

You can use the list below to find an alternative to MobileMe. The new web hosting should:

  1. have knowledgeable technical support so you can get all the help you need to move from MobileMe or even iWeb
  2. be rated A+ by Better Business Bureau (BBB) so you know they are serious about their business
  3. have at least 30 days money back guarantee (you have to pay for the FTP service so you want to make sure you are protected)
  4. give more-than-enough diskspace at no extra cost
  5. offer ample bandwidth at no extra cost
  6. allow multiple add-on domains so you can create more websites later on for no extra charge
  7. have Fantastico or QuickInstall to quickly install other free web applications suchs as blogs and content management systems (like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla), forums (like PhpBB), shopping carts (such as OSCommerce, ZenCart and Cubecart) and more because you never know when you need some other web applications. MobileMe is lacking the possibilites to host powerful scripts so you do not want to miss that again
  8. allow your hosting plan to be easily upgraded to virtual private server, or one of the cheap dedicated server plans if and when you need it

Recommended FTP Hosting

7 million website owners are using Hostgator. More Mac users recommend Hostgator than any other FTP hosts. With their first month $0.01 coupon, there is no reason why you should not give Hostgator a try.

Click here to learn how to publish your primary domain, addon domain or subdomain with iWeb on Hostgator.

Hostgator has 45 days money back guarantee which is longer than the industry standard in web hosting. Hostgator is also rated A+ by Better Business Bureau which is the highest rating possible which proves that the customer satisfaction is second to none. In addition, the Baby Gator plan gives unlimited bandwidth and webspace, while allowing you to host as many domain names or websites as you want for less than $10/month. $99 you’ll be saving every year by not renewing MobileMe will easily pay for your web hosting.

If you take the Baby Gator plan, it can be the last hosting plan you will ever need. Okay, that statement may be stretching it too much. You may need to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated hosting if you have more visitors or require more server resources in the future. The good news is, Hostgator also has the options to upgrade, unlike many one-plan hosting companies such as Bluehost, Justhost or Fatcow.

hostgator chat

If you are unsure if HG is right for iWeb, or you have specific query about moving your website, try the
Live Chat
at HG. They are fast, friendly and knowledgeable. It is worth talking to an expert to clear any confusion before you embark on a new journey on the FTP path.

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