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PRWeb Benefits

Targeted Wave of Traffic

Unlike pay-per-click advertising that will continue to bring traffic to your website as long as you continue to pay for your campaigns, PRWeb brings a wave of traffic while your press release is fresh. Due to the fact that your press release is distributed via channels/industries, this wave of traffic is highly targeted and can result in some very good ROI.

Search Engine Optimization

With PPC advertising you do not get any SEO benefits. With PRWeb you do. Not only PRWeb domain enjoys PR 7, your press release is likely to be picked up by few other websites with relatively high page rank and you may continue to benefit from that fact for months and even years, depending if and how your press release is archived on those websites.

Getting the word out about an event, product announcement or to attract new customers can be relatively easy if you choose the proper marketing method. PRWeb is an online news hub that enables press releases to become an integral part of a company’s marketing, visibility and even search engine optimization. -eHow

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