sucks really bad. They are so bad because they don’t have any bad reviews about them when we searched for “Server Club sucks” or “Server Club complaints on Google today… yeah sucks for their competitors is what we meant. We also tried “ServerClub sucks”, “serversclub sucks”, “ServerClub sux” and other variation of misspells, just they cannot even spell the host name right or try to avoid being sued by ServerClub. Sorry still none.

If you are considering any hosting company, you should do a search for keywords “X Hosting Sucks” on Google. Perhaps you have already done your own web hosting comparison and read tons of good stuff or rave reviews about hosting X but doing the “X sucks” search may reveal the true side of the hosting provider. You can also try other keywords such as “Server Club problems”,
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Analysis Search Keywords Total Results
Hostgator Review Hostgator Sucks about 3,930
iPowerWeb Review iPowerWeb Sucks about 1,060
Lunarpages Review Lunarpages Sucks about 1,010
Bluehost Review Bluehost Sucks about 1,480
1&1 Review 1&1 Sucks about 1,080
Hostmonster Review Hostmonster Sucks about 8,200
ServerClub Server Club Sucks almost none

ServerClub is almost perfect! With no or little hosting complaints whatsoever. If you ask us how good is Server Club web hosting, our answer is they are the best web hosting according to our criteria.

Our Verdict: Highly Recommends ServerClub

We try not to be biased when we do reviews but with Server Club, it is hard not to. So have no problem recommending it to anyone.

We want to hear more
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