Looking for the best hosting for 2014? Tempted by the cheap prices at Zyma Hosting? Read on.

Zyma.com doesn’t have any bad reviews about it when we searched for “zyma sucks” or “zyma complaints” on January 2011. That was when Zyma has just started and did not have so many customers. However, the same search on Google today resulted in way too many complaint pages about Zyma. Try it yourself.

What We Recommend Instead

If you have tried and think that this web hosting service is just not right for you, we recommend that you try inMotion hosting instead. Our inMotion hosting review as well as other reviews about InMotion on the internet about them has been very positive indeed.

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Is Your Hosting Reliable?

If you are looking to get a business web host in the UK or anywhere, you should do a search for keywords “ABC Hosting Sucks” on Google. So in this case, try searching for “Zyma sucks“. This method will reveal the true side of the hosting provider. For Zyma, we found 5,830,000 results on Google. You can also try other keywords such as “Zyma problems” or “Zyma issues”.

Due to a recent downtime on their server on October 4th 2011, thousands of customers were promised 2 months worth of hosting as compensation.

Zyma Pays for Downtime?

You may have heard about companies like Geocities that got closed down. If you have been monitoring the hosting industry long enough like we do, you probably have heard about the collapse of companies like Registerfly. You may also have heard about accounts being suspended without notice at big companies like Bluehost. justhost review

We received an email from Zyma for their downtime but unfortunately, they never honor the promises they made. So if you think the cheap price at Zyma is worth a pun, think again. We recommend trying something like Justhost if you really want something cheap but still reliable for your personal website. At least there are many more positive Justhost reviews out there as compared to reviews in favor of Zyma.

Here is the email we received:

On October 4th one of the servers (panda) in our network experienced a serious software fault, which consequently lead to an outage lasting a total of 10 days. Our engineers have been working hard to resolve the problem, and we are now pleased to say that issue has now been permanently resolved and that no data loss has occurred. We acknowledge the fact that no information was sent to our customers and we deeply apologize for the lack of information and updates sent to the affected customers regarding this matter.

We understand that customers experiencing this problem felt alot of anger as they were unable to reach our tech support team during the downtime period. To show our commitment to constantly improving our service, we are now offering all affected customers 2 months of free hosting credit being added directly to their account. To redeem the free credit, simply send a quick email to [email protected] and the domain name that was affected during the downtime period, and we will add the extra credit.

Despite the rumours, the company is in excellent financial standing, and we are no way in risk of any kind of bankruptcy. All customer hosting accounts are 100% safe for the duration of their purchase. We are here for the long run and are constantly striving to improving our services. We don’t overload or oversell the number of hosting accounts on any one of our servers.

Once again we sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience and problems caused by this issue and we would like to re-assure all our customers, that this issue has been permanently been resolved, and will NOT re-occur now or in the future.

Thank you for your co-operation and patience in this matter.


Support Team
Zyma Technologies

Words of Warning about Zyma Hosting

As mentioned by a grumpy blogger named Benjamin on another website, Zyma hosting is a relatively new and just a small company as compared to other players like Godaddy or 1and1. Benjamin believes that this website should not give recommendation to a new host and we should let the big companies have it all. We disagree with this reasoning for not recommending a company, and we still believe that being a smaller company also means a hosting company may be able to take better care of their customers. So to any angry blogger who believes our method is totally flawed, we suggest you stick with your big companies like 1and1 and we wish you good luck.

In short, do you own research to see if Zyma is any good. We do believe that on the Internet, words spread really fast – in a matter of seconds to be exact. If you do not take care of your customers, the words will be out there. Our first review was in favor of Zyma. However, we have received too many complaints about Zyma Hosting thus we believe we should retract any recommendation we made for Zyma.

For £4.95/month year, they could very well be the cheapest hosting in the world. This makes them the best value-for-money hosting second to none. They promise unlimited bandwidth/storage, cPanel, £30 worth of Google ads credits, $75 worth of Yahoo & Bing credits, SiteBuilder, and many of the same features given by premium hosting plans. Is it really possible they are giving so much for so little? Like we said before, they are relatively new. We believe that they want you to spread the words, and you can help them grow. This is a good business strategy for them.

Okay there are things you do not get from Zyma:

  • You do not get free domain for life. In addition, we do recommend getting a domain name from one of the best domain registrars, and pointing the domain to the nameservers at hosting. If you already have a domain name registered, then Zyma would be okay for you because instead of having a dormant domain, you can quickly get a simple website running using either the SiteBuilder, the free WordPress install or the free Drupal install from Zyma.
  • Multi-domain hosting (or add-on domain) is limited to 10 domains. If you are just learning to build a website, want a personal blog or on a tight budget, 10 add-on domains would 9 too many for you.

weebly review

Zyma Alternatives

You can tell from the above that we are no longer promoting Zyma. Read the Fatcow review and Justhost review and see why these hosting could be better than Zyma. Even a free hosting sites such as Weebly has better uptime.

However, if you want to make your dream of having a personal and super-cheap PHP/MySQL website come true, then go with Zyma. If you do not mind occassional regular downtime on your website, then get a hosting plan and start your website at the lowest price. If you really just need a drag-and-drop Sitebuilder and do not need PHP, MySQL, cPanel and other fancy features, then just get a website from Weebly. It is free!

Our Verdict: Hostingsthatsuck.com Recommends An Alternative Hosting

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Have you tried Zyma? Did you hear Zyma customers had problems? Some said Zyma scams? Read some zyma issues and bad experiences? Did you hear about Zyma horror stories and their limitations? We want to hear your stories.

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Remember. It does not matter where your web host is located. The Internet is global. In UK or otherwise. You should decide on the best web host, and not just a local web host.