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GoDaddy Sucks? Go Daddy or No Daddy?

53 Comments on GoDaddy Sucks? Go Daddy or No Daddy?

Godaddy ratingHeard about GoDaddy problems? Some say GoDaddy Hosting scams or GoDaddy hosting sucks? Did you read some issues, GoDaddy complaints and their bad customer experiences? Can these negative GoDaddy web hosting reviews be trusted? Heard some horror stories about their limitations? READ THIS REVIEW FIRST. You may be shocked at what we found out!

If you are considering to get a hosting account from GoDaddy, you may want to (or probably have tried to) search for the keywords “GoDaddy Sucks” on Google. However, the result may confuse you. Perhaps you have read tons of good stuff and rave reviews about thus far.

Did GoDaddy experiences and stories like below or made you think twice to signup with GoDaddy?

  • “…godaddy sends a TON of notices. i just had a domain expire and they send you a notice just about every 5 days for the last month…”
  • “The ultimate in trying to f*ck their customers…”
  • “I’ve never liked GoDaddy. They suck… hard. Anybody who uses them knows that there administration system is crappy…“

If you go through each of Googles result pages, it seems there a few unsatisfied customers and clients who have been through some sticky situation with If you search for the keywords “GoDaddy sucks”, you see that there are hundreds of search engine result pages (SERPs) by Google. Is that a lot of bad things said about one hosting? Assuming all those result pages really talk about why this hosting provider sucked in some ways. There may be a few more result pages when you search for “GoDaddy scam”, “GoDaddy issues“, or ”GoDaddy problems“. Would these hate or complaint sites worry you after you have read so many positive reviews? Did the hate pages make you wonder if GoDaddy hosting is any good?

Hosting Total Pages
About Web Host
Total Hate Pages
About This Host
Hate/Pages Ratio
GoDaddy web hosting 2,400,000 about 375 only 0.00012

Reconsider. Do not dismiss the fact that GoDaddy is not only one of the best domain registration companies, but also one of the largest web hosting companies and with one of the best ecommerce hosting plans in the market today. You have read the other GoDaddy reviews elsewhere. GoDaddy does what a hosting company should do. That is, GoDaddy actually answers their phones, replies to their emails, responds to live chat requests, doesn’t rip you off, and provides quality hosting. So among the millions of satisfied clients, surely they will be a few who disagree. Let us look at the numbers above.

Godaddy review image credit:

Godaddy hosts more than 35% of all domains in the world today. In the internet age, you have to take care of your customers well to be able to keep such a big percentage of market share. News can travel really fast, especially those negative ones. Based on the 35,430,000 registered domain names, Godaddy must be doing something right.

How Good is GoDaddy Web Hosting

From the above number, only 15 out of every 10,000 SERP pages about GoDaddy said that their web hosting is bad. This is still extremely good considering other web hosts we have looked at have way worst ratio. The hate pages is actually negligible and those negative reviews is just not significant enough to be reliable.

In addition, Godaddy is not a fly-by-night kind of company which can disappear tomorow. There is almost zero chance they will be bought by another big company and have their service go downhill overnight like what happens to many smaller website hosting companies. Godaddy is rated A+ by Better Business Bureau which means they care about their customers and will respond to most problems and complaints. Do you remember the last time you had a complaint with a small company and does not know where to go to? Not with Godaddy. BBB can help resolve your issues.

Godaddy BBB Rating is A+

We know, finding a good web hosting can be tiring and time consuming, when you should be building your blog or selling your product. Godaddy has a wide variety of services as one-stop center for your business needs offering from web domain registration, Shared Web Hosting powered by Grid, WordPress hosting, Blog & Podcast hosting, virtual dedicated servers, fully dedicated servers to even Mac Powered Cloud Servers.

So our verdict: Recommends GoDaddy

You have seen the numbers. Numbers don’t lie. You don’t want to be just looking and looking and still not starting that website of yours, do you? GoDaddy allows you to pay monthly so you don’t get your money tied up for a year or two like with other webhosts. Need a GoDaddy coupon code? We found something better to share with you. Follow the GoDaddy discount link below, and save 20% on your hosting plan at checkout, for a limited time only! Hesitate no more. GoDaddy can get you started with your web presence today:

GoDaddy Discount Link

Note: This recommendation and numbers mentioned above is in relation to Godaddy’s web hosting service and not their service as domain registrar. You can add your comment here about the web hosting services they provided to you.


It’s okay for starters but not for professionals. Take it from a GoDaddy Partner.

I am a professional and I use their shared hosting service with no problem. I love their plan (Deluxe) with the unlimited Add-on domains and I have more than 10 domains with WordPress installed. I would say they are better for professionals because their control panel takes some getting use to. They do not use cPanel, so some experience with web hosting jargons such DNS, FTP, PHPmyAdmin etc would help. I also heard their phone support is good although I never had any need to use them.

My client’s web+mail shared server went down the first business day we were using lunarpages (Oct 2008)! Then there were problems two days later, and again a month later. Today Feb 5 2009, the shared server went down again for two hours. Each time, I’ve been on hold for 20-30 minutes before getting through.

Contrast – my other clients using have had almost no problems, and when I have to call tech support, I’m connected within 0-3 minutes.

Conclusion – goodbye, lunar pages.

I don’t expect you to approve this one, but your statistics intrigued me, so I ran a comparison. Here are my results:

Search term Google results
1and1 1,430,000
1and1 complaint 18,600 1.301%
1and1 sucks 27,900 1.951%
1and1 fraud 35,600 2.490%
“1and1 complaint” 103 0.007%
“1and1 sucks” 1,080 0.076%
“1and1 fraud” 48 0.003%

godaddy 15,900,000
godaddy complaint 48,100 0.303%
godaddy sucks 138,000 0.868%
godaddy fraud 209,000 1.314%
“godaddy complaint” 239 0.002%
“godaddy sucks” 5,450 0.034%
“godaddy fraud” 175 0.001%

Just thought you might find the comparison interesting.

Very nice analysis about Godaddy. They have more than 15 times more pages so we can also conclude they have 15 times more customers than the other big web hosts like 1&1. Yet they have less percentage of complaints, fraud, hate and “suck” pages. 15 times more reasons to choose Godaddy then?

Why not tell us which one DOESNT suck…. so we can sign up with them?

Everyone knows a good way to search for negative feedback is to type “XYZ SUCKS”….. but I have done that for all the domain/hosting providers and all of them have something bad written about them.

So…. who DOESNT suck?

OK, I love hate Godaddy, Its full service pretty cheap for the average web guy but Heres My Warning>>>> Yes I may be partly to blame but be forwarned….

I had an account with go daddy for almost 5 years, I paid usually through paypal….I hosted numerous sites and some where for business partners, One month I had one of the partners pay by check, in the next 30 days we had a falling out, I continued to host his account but he knows NOTHING about hosting, WELL when the next billing came GOdaddy used the last used payment method, his account, so he calls Godaddy and because he could provide the last four digits of the account used for billing they gave him access to the server, so rather than call we and ask about something I didnt know occured, he pushed a little button that says CANCEL…. The idiot canceled my SERVER, Wiped EVERYTHING OUT…. 2 Multiuser WordPress sites and about 6 other websites, So moral of the story, NEVER use someone else account to pay godaddy….

Second to this my only Serious complaint is that if I can get your info I can wipe you out, No Call, No Questions All Gone… BYE BYE

Dude, you fail to realize that when someone calls for technical support the person answering has no f*cking idea who you are until you verify the account information. Even when you call your bank they will ask you to verify your account information before talking to you because there is no way to do a DNA test through the phone! So if mystery person #1 calls and has magically confirmed the payment information then one of two assumptions are to be made. A: The person who verified the account is someone authorized to make changes. B: The person who just verified the account information is either a mindreader or a liar and should be hung up on. I worked for GoDaddy for 18 months and heard sob stories everyday. People called in to complain that some service was canceled and they just got the cancelation email but somehow they never got the previous 7 emails saying that the credit card did not go through and that they were in danger of losing their hosting or email accounts. We even had a department that would call customers and tell them their credit card expiration date is incorrect and the card did not go through. One f*ggot had the nerve to get pissed at me when i confirmed that the contact email he gave was fake and the contact phone number was 111-111-1111 and he had his address listed as 123 main st. So if you don’t like the way the billing and security is set up then I say get your own f*cking server in your basement and learn how to fix your own sh!t.

I wouldn’t be so hard on him. I mean anyone can get the last 4 digits of a credit card. AND he said it was partially his fault in the first sentence. Plus godaddy should be asking who they are speaking too, and should definitly have a better method of confirmation. I mean is crazy about confirmation but its worth it to have it.

I have used Godaddy for over 3 years straight. I have over 20 domains and 10 websites hosted on a shared hosting and a VPS and never once have I EVER had a major problem with their service. NOT ONCE!!! It’s incredible to me to see so many dissatisfied customers. It only makes me wonder who are these people hating on them. What are you talking about only for beginners. Retard (asifism). Probably the same guy that says Joomla sucks LOL! My servers never been down. My traffic has never complained about the sites and the customer service at Godaddy is amazing. I can call any time of the day or night and I can always get support and they speak English!

All these smaller hosting companies, always issues, and never get a hold of someone to talk to that have been trained in being polite and helpful. This is why I will always stay with GoDaddy until I find a real reason why not.

I recently applied for a web hosting service with JustHost and the company demanded that I send a copy of my passport and a copy of my credit card to validate the purchase. I thought it odd but did comply – with the exception of the copy of the credit card itself.
When I found out that they had already charged my credit card I sent an email and asked why…and they refused to explain this rather simple question, they only demanded the copy of my credit card again.
T hat made me suspicious and I cancelled my purchase. Now, 5 days later, I still have not seen the funds returned.
My first contact was with “Gabe” and there I had no complaints… then a “Nick” took over and it was his arrogant reply that made me cancel the purchase… and all I asked was why they had charged my account and then refused to deliver the “goods”.
Later I used GoDaddy and in less than an hour my website was up and running…so I do not give any high marks for JustHost customer service – it is nonexistend if you happen to get the wrong person to handle your communication. I can NOT recommend this webhost…

I’ve never had a .com but thought of a great business idea (yrs ago) and have no idea where to start. I had seen go daddy ads and I don’t know my ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to any of this. Will go daddy help me through this and how to even develope a website? Yea.. I am an idiot but I need some solid advice on how to start. Is go daddy good for a moron like me or what? my funds are limited but my idea is great… and I’m underemployed for a year now and desperate to try something new. thanks.

Godaddy sucks when they charge high redemption fee for a domain recovery! And they say “even you cancel the order in 3 days, no refund is possible”! making money this way is better than rubbing a bank!

I don’t think this is specific to Godaddy only. All other registrars will charge high fees if you missed the deadline to renew your domain. This fee is not set by the domain registrars.

To avoid this complication with any domain registration service, do one of these:
1. Renew on time.
2. Make sure you have the latest working email with your registrar so they can send you renewal reminder email.
3. Use the auto-renew feature (although I change registrar every year just to save a few dollars thus do not want this usually)

Hope this helps.

A lot of registrars charge different amounts for their redemption fees. The registry actually only charges a small penalty. I don’t know godaddys fees but I have a domain with register and has this explained to me after I went through it. Gives the registry an 80$ payment for a one year and a 30$ payment for a 5 year registration.. the rest goes to the company.. so really godaddy is cheap, but if their redemption prices are high they’re making up for where they’re missing out in registrations. I mean the registry charges registrars almost 8 dollars for one domain and they sell some cheaper than that.. they gotta make it up somewhere

I have a dedicated linux server on godaddy right now for almost a year…

My Current server uptime: 184 days, 17 hours and 48 minutes, I am guessing it would have been online 365 days if i wouldn’t have restarted it ONE time in a year.

I had shared hosting prior to that, and no issues with that either. Some people are not web savvy so im guessing most of the users who complain are those who don’t know what they are doing.

And im going to have to agree with Scrappy, if a client / business partner knows your last 4 of your CC… you are pretty much setting yourself up for a big FAT FAIL. You can’t blame any company for that, its your own fault.


I have hosted a site with godaddy for about 3 years and there was never a problem to complain of….
I am bending toward godaddy again for my next site I am building. But I think using just the last 4 digits of a CC is not strong enough for security verification. They should add some security questions there too.

Why bother risking your credit card. Use Paypal to pay instead. I always do that now when I purchase anything online…

With Godaddy, this is what you do:

1. In the shopping cart under “Select Payment Method,” choose “PayPal Account”.
2. Click “Checkout.”

So simple. It is also easy to cancel your hosting payment contract via Paypal, unlike if you have a contract paid via credit card.

Just started using GoDaddy because I was frustrated with my last host… Hopefully this isn’t a preview of what is to follow, but my account was just activated 2 days ago. I’m using their Win DELUXE package. Tonite, I wanted to upload a stats plug-in to my WordPress site and I cannot get FTP access to my account. I tried using their own FTP client, and Filezilla and both cannot find the server. The website is still coming up. I’ve FTP’d over 1000 files for the wordpress installation to it yesterday and got the site up and running without a glitch. But FTP appears to be down today.

I tried their email tech support…. estimated response time 7 hours! I could call for a response time of 5 minutes, but I’m not too concerned yet.

So we shall see!

You should Google: “web hosting / best vs. worst” with the quotations and read that article.

Try without the quotations too. The discussions at webmastertalk says Godaddy is neither the worst nor the best. It is very hard to say which is best or which is worst. It really depends on what you need.

I think Godaddy is best for domain registration. Their hosting service is probably one of the better ones if you need unlimited domains hosting. I have more than 10 domains with them and a hosting account with Godaddy. So far the experience with Godaddy has been good.

I certainly cannot argue with your opinion, but do you have any credibility to back up what you’re saying, what do you do for a living, what are you trying to get out of these websites you have hosted, do you design and upload them yourself, create emails etc. or do you have someone do it for you?

I’m a Web Designer, and I’ve seen 20+ web hosting setups and have had to do many different things within these hosts, upload websites, create FTP accounts, email accounts, databases, change DNS settings, PHP settings, transfer domains, setup SSL etc. etc.

I’m of course talking about the main big boy companies, not every no-name or reseller host out there, no one could test or care to test all of them.

So, in my 4 years experience of working with hosts in a variety of tasks GoDaddy proves to be the worst in every regard except for some times having a smaller price tag, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Im interested in shifting away from Hostgator, for the simple fact Im an ASP programmer, and I have no MySql experience. Ive just browsed over the hosting plans with GoDaddy, and it appears they support ASP and MS SQL which is great…however, I need to be certain that they offer unlimited domains, just like Hostgator does. And can I setup multiple SQL databases for each site????

Sure you can have multiple SQL databases with their Unlimited plan, but each SQL database is limited to 200MB. For most web application purposes, 200MB of SQL storage is more than enough.

Their Unlimited plan allows unlimited external domains to be hosted. This means you can have your domains registered at other registrar and still use Godaddy as hosting.

Good luck.

I use godaddy and yes i have had one or to problems with them over the 4 years i used them but they have always got it fix very quickly for me.

The bad thing is being the biggest hoster mean there are more people trying to hack them and someone did do that to me only about 4 weeks ago, but godaddy fixed it and got me back my account and place the backup up with about 48 hours of my email and it cost me nothing so top marks there.

I would say yes there is other hoster out there but for price godaddy are one of the best. and the support is getting better too i really do know how they get back to you with a few hours with so many people using them i just don’t

It’s kinda funny how pacific host doesn’t have any bad reviews, maybe because there team write fake reviews? I switched from go daddy to pacific host 3 days ago 2 of theses days my site has gone offline for hours due to server side problems. When I was with godaddy for 2 years I experienced 0 down time.

Also their (Pacific Host) live supports sucks these people have no clue about customer service.

I switched to godaddy about 6 months and have contacted them over 40 times regarding my FrontPage extensions issue. I’ve been passed around so many time my head is still spinning. These people are morons fresh from the ward; they’re obviously unable to wipe their own asses unless the roll comes with instructions.

I switched back to my old company and everything is back to normal – Unless you’ve got plenty of time and patience dealing with morons trust me DON’T USE THEM!

No offence, but who uses MS Frontpage anymore? Heard of Dreamweaver and FTP? People say that FP is for those who never knew of or even saw HTML before Frontpage – and likely know nothing of it afterward. Even CMSs like WordPress is a better alternative than Frontpage.

And did you use those kind of words when contacting them? Try politeness. It works.

Well, I’m just out trying to find a competent domain name registrar after having so many problems with recently. I’m having lots of issues with their software, name servers, DNS, etc., even though we use a different hosting company for our DNS. When I try to enter my name servers I get an error message and when I contact their support it always takes a day in between replies. Their support has not been very helpful. The can enter my name servers manually but they won’t fix the problem causing this name server issue.

To make matters worse, I bought a .co domain at and the DNS/name server didn’t work for more than a month. Now I log in and I can’t change name server settings on .co domain names – whatever!!

I’ve also worked with Network Solutions hosting and found them to be extremely incompetent as well. The problem is never theirs; they don’t take responsibility for anything and all of their support seems to be outside the US, which, quite frankly, sucks.

It looks like GoDaddy actually has exclusively US-based support, mostly out of Arizona and another branch in Iowa. They publish a phone number and they actually answer their phones. This is an improvement over many other registrars and it’s probably the reason that they hold more domain names than any other registrar. offers free privacy on domain names but seemingly they can’t solve their DNS/name server issues and their support SUCKS so what’s the use of having free privacy on a domain name that doesn’t work?!

Coupons — Has anyone had problems with godaddy coupon offers that do not work beside me. I have tried several the most do not work but a few have worked. I just keep putting in codes from coupons till one finally works. If not I wait till the next day and try them again. Sometimes the ones that did not work the day before work today. Do a search for godaddy coupons on google and you get several locations that have godaddy coupon offers. If these are not honored by godaddy then why is godaddy allowing them to post this infor. If you look at several different sites they all seem to have listed the same coupon offers.

I called godaddy and was told unless the offer comes in an e-mail to your e-mail box it may not be a valid coupon. Has anyone else experienced this problem???

I use godaddy regularly, but I recently did a job for a company that uses HOSTMONSTER. I have never encountered such HORRIBLE customer service. I could not figure out how to forward a domain with masking.. it ends up they don’t support it. Who doesn’t support forwarding with masking anyway? I basically had to redo the entire wordpress site I made for the company. At one point I called, I asked the support to please change an @ record for me.. the guy refused, said he would only send me documentation on it.. Godaddy would never do this. This company answers the phone fast.. but thats about it.. their support is horrible, they will only help if you threaten to cancel all sites you made and TRANSFER TO GODADDY.

What about a host like Homestead/Intuit? I’ve been with them for a number of years now and have had very few problems. In fact, I like them a lot. The only issue is this: I’ve heard that people with Homestead accounts have very low search engine rankings because Google and others have a hard time with them. Once you switch hosting companies (so they say) you should see more “hits.”

If this is true, I would very much consider switching to GoDaddy. Has anyone heard of this before in regards to Homestead/Intuit hosts? And also, what problems exists for me having a Homestead type host and making the switch to GoDaddy?

No, they really do suck. Hosting is slow, throws 500 internal server errors regularly, their control panel is a joke, tech support might as well be some dude you met off the street. There are a myriad of superior hosting companies out there at the same price. Go with one of them

I want to start a small online store for selling toys and this looks to be my best option. I don’t need the ensure to do much beyond basic checkouts, and I would like a website based email thing so customers can send me email through the site. And I really want the security with the SSL, because I want my checkouts very secure and want my customers to feel safe buying with PayPal and credit card if they want, because that always worries me when I go to a small business on the web. So I want to make sure assign up for ask those Trusted website things. Can I do all of this with Godaddy? And also I don’t have any coding language knowledge and I just want to be able to drag and drop and enter text and upload graphics without learning a website language. Can I do all of this with Godaddy?

I would appreciate some knowledgeable advice in this in dummy terms for me please. And I thank you in absence for the help.

Oh also, what do you think is the best plan considering my needs? It like like the premium was good because it had the secure checkout? I even wondered if I should use a WordPress blog and then buy a domain name and direct the blog to it using Godaddy, but I don’t understand all of this yet. And also would it be good to try it just for a month to see, would I be able to renew my account and keep my ensure? Thanks again for any constructive help :).

try namecheap. I moved my domains there (except the ones godaddy won’t release). They give away ssl and whois privacy, they have decent hosting but I use hostgator for that.

If you know this little and want a store I suggest you buy one or pay someone to set it up.

I would not recommend any domain registrar such as Namecheap or even Godaddy to start online store. Domain registrars should be used for what they perform best, registering domain name.

For ecommerce hosting, you are better off getting hosted storefront such as BigCommerce. You spend a bit more monthly but you can start immediately without any hassle of setting and configuring all the different components that make up an online shopping store. You can even try BigCommerce for free. Save yourself from the headache of setting up SSL, hosting, shopping cart etc.

If you think you may need more help with all aspects of selling and succeeding with your online store, then Site Built It is a good place to look.

Good luck.

I had godaddy and believe me I will definitely rather pay a little more that take the risk of what happened to me. Once I paid one of my domains of a business with a card from a person who owed me money and that was working with me on that project, months later this person just with that information called godaddy and changed my pin, my password, everything! WITHOUT having my pin, password and information, just with the card number, and stole my account. They even sent me an email laughing about it. Godaddy sent me an email asking me if I authorized the changes so I wrote them saying I didn’t and explained the whole situation and they told me this person was protected and that if this person was able to access my account it was my fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so their security SUCKSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! actually they even changed my customer number and stole another domain that I had in that account for my personal website. If you decide to go with godaddy be careful! I lost a lot because of them!

yea, they suck. They are fine as long as you are giving them money, but try to get away and they make it difficult as can be. Only to say “hey, its in the terms of service” yea, that prints out to 10 pages in 10pt font. How hard to hide information there?

I don’t even use them for hosting, just a registrar. they don’t care who pays them as long as the money comes their way, is it any wonder they can afford superbowl commercials?

Here is why GoDaddy Sucks….
80$ domain renewal fee.
Poor customer service.
I will not be doing any more business with them as of 2012 and have set all my domains to manual.

My privacy was breached a few days ago by DBP. I bought a domain name someone I know had mentioned on a public forum because I liked the name and figured I might sell it down the road. For a couple of days after the person posted the name, I didn’t purchase it; figuring they might want to. But, after a couple of days, the domain name was still available. i figured if they mentioned it and hadn’t purchased it, then they probably didn’t want it at this time. I also saw a number of products with the name and thought it would be a good opportunity since I buy and sell domain names. Not wanting the person to know I bought the name they posted in case they desired to purchase it down the road, and feeling it might generate some resentment if they found out I purchased it before they thought of doing so, I purchased the domain with identity protection and paid a premium for it, from godaddy. I specifically asked about mail forwarding in order to make sure that my privacy and identity would be protectted. I was told that all e-mails would go through DBP as the “middle” person. No one ever mentioned anything about autoresponders, and I never gave this a thought. About two weeks after I bought the name, the person who had posted it finally decided they wanted it and sent an inquiry for the name. The inquiry was forwarded to my e-mail which had an autoresponder on, and in quick order the inquirer had my e-mail, my name, and my cell phone number. They called me a thief in a public forum where all my friends could see it. When I called godaddy to ask whether they knew about the breach potential, they said they did, but it was not their responsibility to tell people about it. My husband and I asked to speak to Parsons, and the tech misrepresented himself and said he was Parsons. Hmmm, I wonder what law he was breaking? I strongly disagree that this was my responsibility to know. It wsa, and is, godaddy’s responsibility to tell people who think they’re purchasing indentity protection that there is this “glitch” in their system. With a godaddy tech on the phone, I logged in to DBP and changed the e-mail address to which inquiries should be forwarded, unfortunately too late to quell the ire of my friend. Two days later, inquiries are still being forwarded to my old e-mail address (the one with the autoresponder) and not to the new e-mail I put in “settings.” I’ve sent two e-mails to DBP support, with no responses. So, I’ve had to turn my autoresponder off, which affects my business. And, inquiries for the domain I bought are not reaching me at the new e-mail address I entered in to my DBP account settings. I’ll say, too, that when I called to get help changing my settings, the godaddy tech was quite nasty to me and trumped up reasons to be argumentative with me and threatened to hang up on me several times. This was a BIG first, and I guessed that my account had been flagged citing me as a “problem” customer. Now, reading the comments here, I wonder if godaddy and DBP will just cut me out and not let me know I own over 200 domain names with godaddy, and before this issue customer service was always super-nice. Now, it seems, they have turned on me. I spend thousands with godaddy and plan to recoup any monies lost because I was unable to sell the domain name once the inquirer found out I was the one who bought it. I planned on selling it for $200 and requested a credit in that amount from godaddy,, and I would consider the matter settled. They refused, and I’m contacing attorneys. My friend was livid at me, btw, and I lost the friend over it, who passed out my e-mail to her friends from whom I have been receiving threats and hate mail. What a mess. How dare companies as huge as godaddy and DBP treat people this way? Yup – godaddy sucks. Now I may need to figure out how to xfer over 200 domain names and two Web sites hosted by godaddy to another service. That is, if they don’t kick me out first after the thousands I’ve paid them…

I would NOT use GoDaddy again! They are very quick to take your money, but have absolutely NO support! Their telephone people do not know their products, how to solve issues, give advice or find the right person to help. They are all commissioned and only care about your call if you are buying something from them. I spent WAY too much money with them and can’t even get a simple question answered when I call. Furthermore, if you’re Canadian…expect to be making a lot of lengthy, long distance calls. They don’t even have a (800)# for us to call AND they will not call you back when you ask for help. Extremely disappointed!

I have used Go Daddy for years and have found that:
1. The tech help is fantastic! 100% know how, and friendly too!
2. Their new plan for user to host other web sites IS GREAT!!
3. They have never failed to walk me through a problem with no hurrying me thru, and making sure it is solved.
4. Techs have sent me links to help articles to further my knowledge on the topic in question

We use GoDaddy for hosted exchange at office and 80% of the time it works great – but when it doesn’t work there are 2,3,4 sometimes 5 hour delays on sending emails to clients. On time sensitive matters. And if you call for a solution they tell you it is on your end (not true) won’t give a time frame for when problem will be fixed – in fact they will not even admit there is an issue. Also told us that up to 24 hours is an acceptable delivery time for an email. So if you don’t mind the run around when there is a problem go ahead and use their service but good luck if hosted exchange goes down.

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