Godaddy ratingHeard about GoDaddy problems? Some say GoDaddy Hosting scams or GoDaddy hosting sucks? Did you read some issues, GoDaddy complaints and their bad customer experiences? Can these negative GoDaddy web hosting reviews be trusted? Heard some horror stories about their limitations? READ THIS REVIEW FIRST. You may be shocked at what we found out!

If you are considering to get a hosting account from GoDaddy, you may want to (or probably have tried to) search for the keywords “GoDaddy Sucks” on Google. However, the result may confuse you. Perhaps you have read tons of good stuff and rave reviews about thus far.

Did GoDaddy experiences and stories like below or made you think twice to signup with GoDaddy?

  • “…godaddy sends a TON of notices. i just had a domain expire and they send you a notice just about every 5 days for the last month…”
  • “The ultimate in trying to f*ck their customers…”
  • “I’ve never liked GoDaddy. They suck… hard. Anybody who uses them knows that there administration system is crappy…“

If you go through each of Googles result pages, it seems there a few unsatisfied customers and clients who have been through some sticky situation with If you search for the keywords “GoDaddy sucks”, you see that there are hundreds of search engine result pages (SERPs) by Google. Is that a lot of bad things said about one hosting? Assuming all those result pages really talk about why this hosting provider sucked in some ways. There may be a few more result pages when you search for “GoDaddy scam”, “GoDaddy issues“, or ”GoDaddy problems“. Would these hate or complaint sites worry you after you have read so many positive reviews? Did the hate pages make you wonder if GoDaddy hosting is any good?

Hosting Total Pages
About Web Host
Total Hate Pages
About This Host
Hate/Pages Ratio
GoDaddy web hosting 2,400,000 about 375 only 0.00012

Reconsider. Do not dismiss the fact that GoDaddy is not only one of the best domain registration companies, but also one of the largest web hosting companies and with one of the best ecommerce hosting plans in the market today. You have read the other GoDaddy reviews elsewhere. GoDaddy does what a hosting company should do. That is, GoDaddy actually answers their phones, replies to their emails, responds to live chat requests, doesn’t rip you off, and provides quality hosting. So among the millions of satisfied clients, surely they will be a few who disagree. Let us look at the numbers above.

Godaddy review image credit:

Godaddy hosts more than 35% of all domains in the world today. In the internet age, you have to take care of your customers well to be able to keep such a big percentage of market share. News can travel really fast, especially those negative ones. Based on the 35,430,000 registered domain names, Godaddy must be doing something right.

How Good is GoDaddy Web Hosting

From the above number, only 15 out of every 10,000 SERP pages about GoDaddy said that their web hosting is bad. This is still extremely good considering other web hosts we have looked at have way worst ratio. The hate pages is actually negligible and those negative reviews is just not significant enough to be reliable.

In addition, Godaddy is not a fly-by-night kind of company which can disappear tomorow. There is almost zero chance they will be bought by another big company and have their service go downhill overnight like what happens to many smaller website hosting companies. Godaddy is rated A+ by Better Business Bureau which means they care about their customers and will respond to most problems and complaints. Do you remember the last time you had a complaint with a small company and does not know where to go to? Not with Godaddy. BBB can help resolve your issues.

Godaddy BBB Rating is A+

We know, finding a good web hosting can be tiring and time consuming, when you should be building your blog or selling your product. Godaddy has a wide variety of services as one-stop center for your business needs offering from web domain registration, Shared Web Hosting powered by Grid, WordPress hosting, Blog & Podcast hosting, virtual dedicated servers, fully dedicated servers to even Mac Powered Cloud Servers.

So our verdict: Recommends GoDaddy

You have seen the numbers. Numbers don’t lie. You don’t want to be just looking and looking and still not starting that website of yours, do you? GoDaddy allows you to pay monthly so you don’t get your money tied up for a year or two like with other webhosts. Need a GoDaddy coupon code? We found something better to share with you. Follow the GoDaddy discount link below, and save 20% on your hosting plan at checkout, for a limited time only! Hesitate no more. GoDaddy can get you started with your web presence today:

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Note: This recommendation and numbers mentioned above is in relation to Godaddy’s web hosting service and not their service as domain registrar. You can add your comment here about the web hosting services they provided to you.