After looking at hundreds or even thousands of complaints, hate-pages and negative comments about almost every web hosting companies out there, came out with this formula on how to get in trouble with a web host provider. Yes, after you have done any of the items below, you can start to say your web host sucks or your web host is bad. Now you can start having web hosting issues quickly with your current or future web host. Try one of our more than 10 ways to start and you will be making web hosting complaints in no time.

  1. Host a porn site. Or if you are too lazy, just put some porn images on your blog.
  2. Host a file sharing website on a shared hosting.
  3. Refuse to use any of the best online backup services such as Carbonite or Mozy as storage. Instead, insist to use your “unlimited” disk-space of your account and dump everything there. The host said you get “unlimited” storage space after all. No limit in what you can store, right?
  4. Avoid using separate online storage services such as ElephantDrive or as storage facility. Instead, why not use your “unlimited” diskspace of your account and dump everything there. The host said you get “unlimited” diskspace and having everything in one place is great – web hosting, data backup, and file storage in one location makes life easy.
  5. Ask your new web host to transfer your old website from the old hosting provider. The more complex the applications you have on the previous provider, the better. Put in some database to spice up the transfer process.
  6. Register a domain and host it at hostingX. I am sorry to say that is already registered, guess by whom? Inc. There are some smart web hosts out there. Sorry to dissapoint you.
  7. Use expletive when dealing with customer support.
  8. Start getting 60,000 hits per day on a shared hosting.
  9. Refuse to deal with tech support with an Indian accent. Argue with the hosting company why they have to outsource their support to India when so many people in your country are jobless.
  10. Post the username and password of your hosting account on an internet forum to get some help with your PHP program.
  11. Ask customer support to debug your program.
  12. Sign-up with the free-domain-for-life package and after a few days, tell the hosting company that you want to move host and you would like to take the domain with you to the new host. You also would like to use their 30-days money back guarantee and demand all your money back.
  13. Install blackhat programs and leave all the trails behind. If you receive any email about some script exceeding some resource quota, pretend you don’t know about the script.

What is the moral of the story? Basically, 80% of the problems with your website hosting can be avoided. Sometimes we are just ignorant about the webhosts’ TOS and try to push the limits.